Introduction: ABOK 2207 Split Faced Monkey Fist Knot

Because each face is split into four sections could it be called the "double-double" monkey fist?

Tying this knot is MUCH easier than following the flat diagram in ABOK. I recommend using a jig rather than going around a hand as in a regular monkey fist

Step 1:

A split face monkey fist requires an even number of turns on each side. In this case I made six turns around the jig bringing the Working End around clockwise

Step 2:

Then I took the WE under 3 strands, over 3 strands - three times (on both sides)

Step 3:

Next I brought the WE over three, under three - three times

Step 4:

In order to keep the over under sequence correct bring the WE across the top of the knot and around the upper left hand peg of the jig.

Step 5:

Begin Under over weaving immediately as you go down the left hand side of the knot. When you get to the top side of the knot bring the WE under 3 strands over 4 and continue the weave.

Step 6:

After completing the under over sequence, so that you do not have 2 overs in sequence bring the WE under all 6 strands on the left hand side.

Step 7:

When you get to the top of the knot bring the WE Over 4 Under 3 and continue the over, under sequence

Step 8:

Take the MF off the jig and slowly tighten the knot. You will notice that there are 3 places where there is an extra strand that is under all 6 strands of the crossing face (see center of untightened knot photo). If you want you can make a loop of this strand by bring it up in the middle of the face as I did in the next photo. Tony

Step 9:

For the three color fist I used a 3 cords, a separate color cord for the three under over, over under sequences shown in the tutorial. The opposite faces of the knot in this case are red black, red yellow, and black yellow.