ABOK 781 - Two Strand Diamond Knot

Introduction: ABOK 781 - Two Strand Diamond Knot

An easy to tie knot. Makes a nice lanyard, key ring fob or zipper pull

Step 1:

Fold cord in half and bring the ends down to make a "M" shape.

Step 2:

Bring left hand end on top across three strands.

Step 3:

Bring same end under three and up through bight formed in step 2.

Step 4:

Bring right hand end under two strands.

Step 5:

Then bring the same end across the knot and through the bight as shown.

Step 6:

To begin tightening grab the loop in in hand and the two ends in the other and pull.

Then pull on each individual strand as it emerges from the knot

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