Introduction: AMAZE Your Friends!! EASY TRICK

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Whats up! CHECK OUT THE PERFORMANCE ABOVE. Once you've done that... learn how this killer trick is done!

Step 1: The Setup... Shhh

For this trick you need a deck of playing cards (duh) All we're gonna use is the Ace Of Hearts and Diamonds, and The Jack Of Spades and Clubs. We need the deck to cover up what we're doing though(Watch the performance) So to set this up we need to put on the top of the deck the Ace Of Diamonds, then put BOTH Jacks on top of the Ace, and then put the Ace Of Diamonds on top (Look at pictures) So our setup should be from the top down: Ace Of Hearts, Jack Of Clubs, Jack Of Spades, and Ace Of Diamonds.


The key to getting the best reactions is to move this trick fast, so practice it. Also you must somehow make it clear that when you ask the spectator what cards he/she is holding they CANNOT look. This is mind game. You must have a good script but also be ready to improvise. THE SPECTATOR WILL LOOK WHERE YOU LOOK AND POINT. This is a very important factor here.

Step 3: The Secrets/Performance of the Trick

Ok so here we go: We've got our four cards on top... but here's the secret. You need to have a pinky break under the four cards. To start the trick you give the spectator the top card which is an Ace, and then you hold up the other Ace. But when you hold up the second Ace your actually holding up THREE cards. The Ace is just covering up the TWO Jacks behind it.

After you show the spectator the second Ace you put the THREE cards BACK ONTO the deck, and point at the Ace in the spectators hand saying "And without looking that's what again?" They will say "Ace Of Hearts" Once they say that you take JUST top card off of the deck which is a Jack and say "Now if I take the Ace Of Diamonds and I switch the Aces, now I'm holding Hearts and your holding Diamonds"

Ok, so right now your holding the Ace Of Hearts and the spectator is holding a Jack which they think is the Ace Of Diamonds. Now you say "But if I switch them really fast again" Here you PRETEND to switch them really fast "Which one are you holding now?" While the spectator is busy thinking about your question you take the Ace Of Hearts(which your holding) and switch it secretly with the top card of your deck which is the other Jack. You can see me do this in the performance(Oops lol).

Pretend to switch the cards one more time and then put the Jack your holding on top of the other Jack in the spectators hand and ask "So which ones on top and which ones on bottom?" after they guess tell them to look at the cards at the SAME time.

Step 4: Finishing Thoughts

The spectator will think this is some silly game and will be so surprised to have been completely fooled!!! Just imagine: When you tell them to finally look, their expecting to see red Aces, and when they see two face cards they'll be stunned! Remember not to give the secret away, as soon as they know the secret they won't think the trick is cool anymore. If you look at the spectators hand during the switch, the spectator and everyone watching will not see the switch. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Be calm. Hope this trick makes your friends and family awe you! This trick was made popular by David Blaine.

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The is Nate Barry/Cyrus Blake, signing out.

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