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bored of holding phone while watching video?? isn't it annoying that you cant keep a video playing while doing some work??? either you need to hold the phone or do your work!! well, i have a habit of watching a video while completing my work or any artwork. so why not we make a phone stand which will give us a experience of watching an old television and as well it make our hands free....

(design is taken from pinterest)

Step 1: WHAT YOU NEED???








(colors, brush, clay in case you need)


first measure the dimensions of phone and of phone's screen.

the dimensions and the size of stand will vary according to the phone.

Step 3: CUTOUT NO.1

1) trace out the screen's dimensions on the cardboard.

2) mark 2 cm space from top, bottom and left side.

3) keep some extra space on right side. (i have kept 4 1/2 cm)

4) draw a box considering these distances. (as shown above)

cut out this whole section and then cut out the screen's dimensions (shaded part)

at the end when you look at it only screen should be visible. (as shown in the picture)

Step 4: CUTOUT NO. 2

repeat the first 4 steps of above.

now keep the phone's screen on the dimensions drawn and trace the outline of the phone. also at the bottom draw 2 legs. (as shown in the picture)

cut out this section including the whole left side (shaded part) so that you will be able to insert your phone.

cut such 4 pieces. (or as per your phone's thickness)

Step 5: CUTOUT NO. 3

draw the outer outline on the cardboard and cut 2 such pieces.

Step 6: CUTOUT NO. 4

cut out 2 elongated triangles as shown in the picture.

Step 7: CUTOUT NO. 5

cut the shape as shown in the picture. it should be smaller than cutout no. 3

Step 8: CUTOUT NO. 6

cut out the shape as shown in the picture. it should be slightly smaller than cutout no. 5.

Step 9: CUTOUT NO. 7

cut one more shape similar to the above and then cut 3 slits in the middle (as shown in the picture)

Step 10: CUTOUT NO. 8

draw the shape of the leg ( picture) and cut out 6 such pieces.

join 3 pieces together to form one leg.

you need two such pieces.

Step 11: CUTOUT NO. 9

cut 3 - 4 circles which will form the buttons of the TV.

Step 12: ASSEMBLY : STEP 1

take cutout no. 1 and stick all the 4 cutout no. 2 on it.

Step 13: STEP 2

stick both the cutout no. 3 on the cutout no. 2. this will form a slit from which you will be able to insert the phone.

Step 14: STEP 3

stick cutout no. 4 as shown in the picture.

(the distance between the 2 is approximately 5 1/2 cm)

Step 15: STEP 4

fix the cutout no. 5 on it as shown in the picture.

Step 16: Step 5

then on the top of cutout no. 5 stick cutout no. 6 followed by cutout no. 7.

Step 17: STEP 6

fix both the legs in such a way that it supports the stand.

Step 18: STEP 7

at the end fix the buttons in the front to give it a nice look.

Step 19: PAINTING...

with this you are done with the assembly of the stand. now paint the stand with suitable colors.

Step 20: FINAL LOOK...

so finally your phone stand with an old TV look is ready...

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