Introduction: AMD APU GAMING RIG

About: Professional fabricator and certified welder

Materials List

1 - PC Gaming Tower
1 - Fm2+ Motherboard
2 - 1x4 Gigabytes of DDR 3 1866-2400
1 - 450-500 Watt ATX Power Supply
Quality Counts Big Time Here.
1 - Bluray Drive ( optional as windows
can be installed from USB stick
and most all games and movies
can be torrented)
1 - Radeon 250 1G GDDR5
1 - Corsair Hydro 120
1 - Kingston HyperX Solid State Drive

I will be slowly building this machine and adding new steps as parts arrive in the mail so the parts list and steps will grow in the next few weeks. AMD has made some pretty significant advances in their line of APU's (Advanced Processing Unit). Last year I built a nice mid level gaming rig using the MSI Fm2 E33 and A10-5800k with 8 gigs of 2133 mhz Ddr3and was just blown away that I didn't need to buy the crossfire card to let my son play the latest games (he's 4 now) like skyrim, total war, alien vs predator, wolfenstein, dead space 1,2,&3 ext. most all the above will run beautifully at 1080p on our living room 47 inch TV. So this year im building a top to bottom top of the line system with the brand new A10-7850k , on a beautiful Asus A88X - Pro motherboard , with 8 full gigs of Radeon R9 2400mhz (o.c.) Ddr3 , and a blazing fast Sata-6gb 120Gb SSD-HD.

Step 1: The Case

For the case we are using the affordable and awesome Rosewill Challenger. At 45.00 and loaded with all the great features of 150$+ models it is just a peach of a deal. Cable Management compartment and easy cut out behind the processor makes liquid or any kind of heatsink you prefer to use a snap to install at any stage of the build . For my ATX motherboard I need to install the risers I used an electric screw driver for ease if use and consistent torque.

Step 2: Securing the Motherboard

After the spacers have been installed its time to mount the motherboard in place and secure it with the supplied screws . do not over tighten !

Step 3: Installing the RAM ( Random Access Memory )

We are now installing the AMD R9 2400Mhz DDR3 Dimms into the A2 and B2 slots. We are using 2x4 Dimms for a total of 8 Gigabytes of ram! but it can handle up to 64 Gigabytes if needed.