Introduction: AP Physics Wave Instructable

Instructions on how to build a standing wave model to show how frequency changes with wavelength.This demo shows how frequency and wavelength are indirectly proportional. This model does apply to sound waves found in a tube. This shows one of the fundamental relationships in certain sound waves.

Step 1: Acquire Materials

  1. Acquire large wood board mine was 15 in X 48 in X 1 in.
  2. Acquire 1 Slinky.
  3. Acquire 1 pair of scissors.
  4. Acquire 1 hot glue gun and lots of hot glue.
  5. Acquire duct tape.
  6. Acquire 6 golf tees.
  7. Acquire 1 tape measure.
  8. Acquire 1 Stapler and lots of staples.

Step 2: Attach Slinky

  1. Stretch out slinky across board.
  2. Slinky should have medium tension. Can be stretched but not loose.
  3. Cut slinky to stretched out length.
  4. Place one end of slinky on middle of one side of the board.
  5. Attach with hot glue
  6. Allow to dry
  7. Place staples over the hot glue
  8. Place another layer of hot glue
  9. Allow to dry
  10. Overlap hot glue with duct tape
  11. Repeat with other end of slinky to other side of board

Step 3: Tee Locations

  1. Measure halfway between center of slinky and top of board. Mark with piece of duct tape.
  2. Measure halfway between center of slinky and bottom of board. Mark with piece of duct tape.
  3. Measure: 25%,33%,50%,66%,75% from left to right and mark with pieces of duct tape. For my 48 inch board it was: 12 in, 16 in, 24 in, 32 in, 36 in.
  4. Connect points to location that meets vertical and horizontal componment as follows: 25% Bottom, 33% Top, 50% Bottom and top, 66% bottom, 75% bottom.
  5. Mark above locations with pieces of duct tape.
  6. Remove all pieces of duct tape except for the 6 locations listed above.

Step 4: Attaching Tees

  1. Remove one piece of duct tape
  2. Place a large amount of glue in location where duct tape piece was
  3. Immediatley place tee in the middle of the hot glue puddle and firmly press down
  4. Hold until hot glue dries
  5. Repeat with every piece of duct tape

Step 5: Finishing Touch

  1. Add numbers below tees as seen in final picture

    Ms. Monticue. Teaching physics
    Dad. For financing operation