Introduction: ATST Star Wars

I've always loved star wars, and I just couldn't find a way to express my admiration. I've watched all the movies and I cant wait for more to come out. I kept searching for ways to calm my excitement towards star wars. Toys were just too.... "normal and non-authentic" and movies were going by too fast. Until, one day, in a galaxy far, far away, a certain someone (that being me), thought about creating a model. They were authentic, and stayed with you for a long time. Essentially, they were the Goldilocks way to calm your excitement and keep you occupied. I started to build it, and unfortunately, didn't take a picture of every step along the way.... But, I'll try my best to explain what I did. This is...(drum roll please...), THE ROAD TO BUILDING AN AT-ST WALKER FROM STAR WARS !!!!!!


The materials I used were:

  • X-acto knife or a box cutter.
  • Cardboard (lots of it)
  • Bottle caps (preferably the wide ones.)
  • One straw
  • Hot glue sticks and a glue gun

Step 1: The Head of the At-St Walker

This step is one of the harder ones but you'll get the hang of it. Now with the head, there are lot of details involved. All the parts of the head, you can see in the picture above.

Step 1. You have to make the front of the head, which is the main part. It kind of looks like a trapezoid but steeper.

Step 2. You need to make the sides of the head. You can see them in the picture of my "blueprint".... I guess. Be careful though because these blueprints I'll be making are just rough sketches.

Step 3. Then you make the top of the head. This also looks a bit like a trapezoid.

Step 4. This is the final step of the head. You need to cut a piece of cardboard long enough to go from the chin, to the back of the head . As you glue it on, you might need to bend it.

Step 5. Now, I know the 4th step was the last one but this step is only details. You take the two caps, and one straw. From the straw, you cut three equal length pieces and on bigger piece. You then take the three equal parts and you glue them in a bunch and attach them to one of the caps. The other longer piece goes on the other cap. You then glue the minigun looking one (the three) to the left side of the head and the cap with the long one, on the right side.

Step 6. This step is also detailic. You have to cut slits in the front of the head. These can be seen on the "blueprints". You then fold them up.

Step 7. This is essential to having the head look good while on the frame. It also holds up the rest of the head while attached. This part is the neck. You take three squares of cardboard, glue them on top of each other, and stick it under the head with the wavy cardboard facing forward.

All of these steps have to be hot glued together.

Step 2: The Neck Frame and Beginning of Legs.

Step 1. Take three long pieces of cardboard and glue them on top of each other. Then glue them right under the neck with the wavy wide part facing forward

Step 2. Make shoulder pads. Just cut two equal rectangular pieces and glue them onto the frame bent so it looks like shoulder pads/ armor.

Step 3. Add the joint of the first part of the legs. These are two circles joined together by another triplet of cardboard long pieces. You cut 6 because there's 2 legs and you cut 4 circles... again... because there's 2 legs. You then stick the leg piece in between the circles on each side and that gives you the start of the leg. These legs should be sticking out in the back.

Step 3: The Actual Leg.

In order to complete the robot, you need the rest of the legs along with the foot.

Step 1. Create another 2 joints. The circles should be the same size. Glue the two joints onto the beginning of the leg.

Step 2. Begin to create another 2 triplets of cardboard. These should be longer than the connection between the first two joints. Glue the triplets on top of each other. Then, attach that part of the legs to the other joints, facing down.

Step 3. create ANOTHER two joints. All four circles should be the same size as the previous joints. Glue these pairs onto the leg we just created.

Key Fact: As you are creating this, think about the center of gravity and where you have to place things in order to make the robot stand up. And also, think about the proportions and if it's going to look good. Little changes are acceptable.

Step 4. Create two, tiny, not long triplets of cardboard. And as we've been doing previously, glue them together and attach to the previous joints. This part of the leg should be facing down but also a bit forward. So basically, slanted forward/down.

Step 5. I know, I know, you must be tired of joints but make another 4 circles and attach them to the tiny triplets we just made. Now, be careful. These are the last joints. The reason why I am putting this out there is to inform you that these last joints NEED to be straight on the bottom to be able to attach to the foot.

Step 4: The Feet.

The last and final step are the feet.

Step 1. First you need to cut the shape of the feet out, which can be seen labeled 1 in the picture. Then glue the joints we made in the other major step to these feet. Be careful though. You have to position them in such a way where the robot can stand up on its own.

Step 2. create small trapezoids to be put slightly bent on the feet so it gives the feet some structure. Then glue them bent onto the frame of the foot. And there you have it !.... A great model of the At-St walker from star wars.

I hope you liked it !!! :)

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