Introduction: ATX Super Easy

Hello all Fellow Instructables.

This one its my  3rd ATX power Supply To Bench Top.

it is Super Easy To do.  I Called IT   The Cube.

But All the Credit Goes to  Jordanyte  By Using his  Creation. You Could make  One Like this.

With Out The Risk of Electrocution.  And With Out  Hacking your Power Supply to Bits... And It Works....

If You Guys need More Info Please Check 

Basically All i did Was  Build a Box For the Power Supply. Using Yes You Guess it. WOOD. And Some Acrylic PVC.

Some LED Stripes,  Amp & Volt Meter Are  incorporated. as well as a DC- LM 2596 Dc Adjustable Converter. With a USB Connector
The Power is Coming Out OF the ATX 4 pin. Using 12v Only . and The LM 2596 Is Down To 9 Volts To Run The Amp/ Volt Meter. Not Connected yet. Waiting for a Shunt.

All The Extra Wires Are  Inside 3 Project Boxes. Just to keep All clean And Neat.
There is No Need To Cut A single Wire......  its 1,2 3   Super Easy, Safe And Fun. 
 Hope You guys Like this one.......   
Now Go And Build Something and Hey Hey Have Fun.

Note...   The Volt & Amp Meter Gets Connected like this.......

All the Red Wires Together....
All the Black Wires Together....

The Blue Wire Gets Connected To A Female Plug See picture..

To Measure The Amps. The Ground Wire of The LOAD goes  To The Female Plug.  & The Positive To The 3-  5  12 V.

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