Introduction: AX

My goal was to make this replica out of cardboard, here are the steps on how I did it.

Step 1: AX

Material--. Lots of cardboard Duck Tape and/or silver spray paint Scissors Wire Tape Hot Glue Pencil

Step 2:

1. Grab a big piece of cardboard.

Step 3:

2. Cut a long piece off and break it down so that you can roll it up.

Step 4:

3. Roll the card board up in hand size and wrap it in duck tape.

Step 5:

4. Take another piece of cardboard and draw a axe look.

Step 6:

5. Cut the axe out and repeat this process till you have 3 axe shapes.

Step 7:

6. Hot glue the 3 axes together and wrap duck tape around the middle.

Step 8:

7. Cut a groove on the top of the handle so the axe can slide in it.

Step 9:

8. Make sure that the groove is not too small or too big for the axe to slide in.

Step 10:

9. Cover the whole axe with duck tape or spray silver paint on the axe.

Step 11:

10. Hot glue the axe to the handle so that it doesn’t move around.

Step 12:

11. Make a box that goes over the axe from top to bottom and cover the sides and top and hot glue the pieces of the box together and attach it to the handle part also.

Step 13:

12. Make another box but smaller to go on the bottom of the handle and cut three triangle pieces from the cardboard and duck tape all together with hot glue also.

Step 14:

13. Wrap wire tape all around the handle and top box and wrap duck tape around the bottom box that also goes on top the duck tape.

Step 15:

14. Cut 4 small circle shapes of cardboard and hot glue 2 of those shapes on the top box and do the same on the other side.

Step 16:

15. Cover the top of the top box with duck tape and cover any hole or exposed cardboard with the tape that part of that spot.

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