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About: Taking a break in my studies, I'm in Belfast for one year as a volunteer in Belfast Fablab. I will share with you my projects and hope you will be able to use it or be inspired of. :D

This project has started with the desire to use the scrap that we have in the fablab (acrylic and vinyl). This boardgame was corresponding well to use these scrap with the tiles!

So I present you a fab-version of the great boardgame Azul! I will of course share with you all the files to make your own one. It was a lot of work but I'm really happy of the result and being able to play with my self-made game. I hope this instructable will inspire you to make one too!

The files I share with you are pdf but if you need illustrator or SVG file just let me know !

Enjoy :D

You will need:

·Acrylic of different colours

·Sheets of MDF

·Vinyl of two colours

If you want to make the little bag too :

·A piece of fabric

·Little rope


·Laser cutter


(·Sewing kit)

Step 1: Cut the Acrylic Pieces

You will need quite a lot of acrylic pieces to create the game!

· 52 tiles of each colors ( purple, indigo, green, yellow, orange)

·1 first player tile.

·60 transparent tiles.

·6 transparent squares and 2 triangle for the cover.

·Azul letters for the cover.

·4 scoring markers

·9 factory displays

You can personalise the whole game, and the following video is a tutorial I made to learn how to make mandalas with Illustrator. It looks nice on the tiles!

Step 2: Create the Board (x4)

With the photos you can see step by step how I create this board. You will need 4 of them.

You will find the files at the end of this step.

·1 Cut the board.

·2 Vector engrave the frame.

A vector engrave is a a method that permit to mark a material surface. Much faster than engraving, it will follow the path of vector strokes without cutting. You will have to use a high speed and frequency, and a low power.

·3 Cut the squares for the pattern lines and the wall.

·4 Stick the red vinyl on the board.

·5 Engrave and vector engrave the score track and scoring reminder.

·6 Remove the vinyl that pokes out.

·7 Stick the blue vinyl.

·8 Engrave and vector engrave the Azul symbol and the floor line.

·9 Remove the vinyl that pokes out.

·10 Remove the vinyl from the squares of the score track and scoring reminder.

·11 Place the colored tiles in the wall as showed on the picture.

·12 Place the transparent tiles in the pattern line.

For the last two step you'll might need to use a mallet to make the pieces fit.

What is nice is that the acrylic is less thick than the MDF, then the difference of thickness permit to place correctly the tiles and that they don't move if you shift the board.

Your board is ready. Now repeat the process 3 more time... Keep going!

Step 3: Create the Bag

You will need:

A piece of fabric of your choice

A rope of 250cm of length

·1 Cut a rectangle of 470x160mm of dimension in a fabric

·2 You can embroider the same Azul logo than on the board but it's just a plus.

·3 Turn the fabric to have the inside side outside and fold your rectangle in two. Refold the top of the bag to have a hem (about 30mm) where we'll insert the rope which closes the bag.

·4 Sew the sides of the bag until the hem.

·5 Sew along the edge of the hem all around the bag.

·6 Turn inside out the bag and insert the rope.

·7 Make a little knot on the two tips of the rope.

Your bag is now ready!

Step 4: Create the Box

I wanted a nice box to go with the game. I reuse the same tiles to insert them in the MDF on the cover of the box.

Cut the different parts of the box in MDF 3mm

Insert the tiles into the holes as you want.

Assembly the box. If the notches are fitting well you won't need any glue!

I really love the shadow of the coloured tiles inside the box !

Step 5: Let's Play!

You have now your complete self-made Azul game!!

Enjoy playing it !

Here is a link to download a pdf of the rules :

And one last thing... This project make me enter the Rainbow contest so if you liked it a little vote would be amazing!

See you!

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