Introduction: Noeud De Menuisier (3D Puzzle)

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This is a 3D puzzle that I have discovered during my woodworking classes.

I figured out a way to create one with plywood using the laser cutter.

It's a really quick process and it impresses everyone who don't know how to solve it!

I will share with you the file to create your own one in less than one hour!

Enjoy this instructables !!

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

These are all the pieces you will need to cut.

It took 3min to cut.

You can also personalise it by engraving on it ;)

Step 2: Glue the Pieces Together

I used a quick-drying glue for wood.

It's the longest part of the fabrication because you have to be meticulous to assembly the pieces correctly and to have a puzzle that works well.

At the end of this step you could stop and let your puzzle like that...

Step 3: Sand

But to make the introduction of the last piece easier and for esthetic reasons, I prefer sanding the sides and tips.

So really quickly sand to have this effect.

But be careful because if you sand too much the puzzle will be too loose and won't stay.

Step 4: Well Done!

The puzzle is now finished.

You can watch the video to discover how to solve it and have a recap of the steps.

Have fun with it!!

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