Introduction: Colorant-free and Vegan Purple Pie

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I present to you my recipe of this vegan apple, berries, and nuts pie! I love purple and I thought a purple dough would look lovely and yummy but I didn't want to use chemical colorant so I thought about colouring the dough with berries!

Here is the result!

I hope you'll enjoy this instructable!


You will need:

For the dough:

210g of flour

20g of sugar

80g of coconut oil

50g of raspberry (fresh or frozen)

50g of blueberry (fresh or frozen)

For the filling:

5 apples

1 spoon of sugar

80g nuts


Prepare a coulis

·Warm up the berries during a few minutes in a saucepan

·Mash the berries in the saucepan

·Filter the coulis using a colander BUT keep the fruit pieces to use them after

Mix the ingredients

·Mix the flour and the sugar in a bowl

·Add the coconut oil. It needs to be at ambiant temperature to be able to mix it but not liquid neither

·Add finally 50g of fruit coulis. Keep the leftover for later. Even if the coulis looks more pink than purple, when you mix it to the rest of the dough surprisingly it becomes purlple!

·Mix all the ingredient until you have a purple dough ball.

I have experienced several time this dough and you can play with the colour of the dough... If you use only blueberries you will have a blue dough, and only raspberry it will be pink. I like how half/half looks.


·Peel 5 apples

·Cut them in thick pieces

·Cook the apples in a pan with a spoon of sugar, a little bit of water, and the leftover of the coulis to give them a purple colour, until they are soft.

·Cut the nuts into little pieces


·Roll the dough out for the bottom of the pie

·Put it in a pie dish with high edges or a cake mould

·Spread the mashed berries extracted from the coulis

·Spread the nuts

·Spread the apples in two layers

I'm sorry for the confusion, on these photos the dough is the result of a only blueberry dough. You will find the real colour of the recipe on the next step.


·Roll out two thin circle of pastry of the size of the mould

·Cut strips of 2cm of width

·Mix up the strips horizontally and vertically to create this pattern

·Put it on top of your pie and cut the edges to make it fit.

This dough is the real colour of a half/half raspberry/blueberry dough.

I also show you on the last photo how it is with a dough with only blueberries and strips of 1cm of width. At the beggining the dough was purple and then turned blue/grey, but wait for the final colour...


·Bake the pie during 40min in the oven at 200ºc. The pie will become a little bit brown but keep his purple colour!

The two last pictures are the blueberry pie.

Step 7: ENJOY !

·Enjoy the pie while it's still a little bit warm but it's also excellent cold!

I hope you liked this recipe and you will try it!

Also this pie is entering the Rainbow contest for the purple category so if you enjoy it a little vote would be amazing :D

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