Introduction: Abandoned Floor Lamp to Much Needed Hat and Coat Rack

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This instructable is to make a much needed hat/coat rack from abandoned floor lamp by previous owner of my house and tree branches that grow out of style in my back yard.

The previous owner of my house left four floor lamps in the basement. One of them was out of bulb. We didn't use any of the remaining three either.

We are not a hat wearing family. However numerous hats for each family member make to my house. They are seldom on our heads but floor. A hat/coat rack is much needed. After taking a look at coat racks, I decided to go trash to treasure way by using the floor lamp stand abandoned by the previous owner of my house.

What kind of hooks to use? What kind of mechanism to fix the hooks on the metal pipe? I'm probably the least handy person, with the least number of project tools here on Instructables. But mother nature has a wonder for me.

There are a few trees planted right on the dividing line between my house and the next door neighbor. Because of the location of my house and Phototropism, the tree branches on my side are growing much wider and taller than on my neighbor's side. And I don't like that tree anyway. I took the only tool I have and capable of using, a hacksaw, at the tree branches on my side. It gave me a wonder: 4 branches on a branch of perfect diameter to sink into the metal pipe, one tall and wide hook for long and heavy coat, three medium width and length hooks for light jacket, scarves and hats.

Below are the steps I took.

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Step 1: Remove the Top Dish, Wire, and Shorten the Stand

I used screw driver to disassemble the stand.

Then remove the top bulb dish, cut the wire and pull it out.

The stand has three sections. Taking away one section makes it to the perfect height as a free standing floor coat rack.

Step 2: Cut and Trim a Tree Branch That Has 4 Spreading Branches

Cut and trim a tree branch that has 4 spreading branches

Stuck it in the pipe and you can call it done.

In fact I have used it like that for a while before deciding to upgrade it.

Step 3: Change the Color of the Hooks to Match the Stand

Change the color of the hooks to match the stand by painting or using duct tape. I used the latter.

Duct tape is not only what I have, it's a mess free, instant solution. It also protects clothes from scratched by the rough natural tree branch and strengthens the hooks I think. Paint should work almost the same effects except strengthening the hooks.

Step 4: Golden Touch and Enjoy!

The lamp stand has golden metal rings between sections. By removing a section and the top dish, there is one ring left and it is calling for another one where the tree branch and metal pipe meet. I decided to make a matching ring there. I cut a stripe of golden wrap foil and went around a few times where the tree branch and metal pipe meet with hot glue to keep it in place. It does makes a difference.

Done and enjoy. I truly treasure things I made myself from trash more than things I bought with much money. How about you?

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