Introduction: Abstract Flower Painting on Broken Ceramic Plate

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Let's make a ABSTRACT PAINTING on a broken ceramic plate.

My brother broke a plate and it was complete trash. So I thought of using it as my canvas. This is a way I made a broken plate into an art work.


Acrylic paints


Palette knife

Masking tape



Step 1: Fix

Fix the broken plate using superglue and masking tape.

Step 2: First Coat

Apply a first coat. You can use a single color or different color. I used blue, dark blue, green, sap green and white. Don't mix paint with water

Step 3: Second Coat

Apply a second coat of paint. I applied dark blue on the side. and applied other colors in the center area. I have also applied light green. I used a brush to paint sides and a palette knife on center also light blue on sides.At last splash some paint on it. I used some white, yellow and orange.

Step 4: Flowers

Now apply some paint together on a paint straight from the tube. I used orange,red and dark red. Use the backside of a brush or a toothpick and mix it and make it like the shape of a flower. Do the same with different amounts of paint and colors.

Step 5: Final Touch

Add some light green on the sides as leafs and add some highlights using lemon yellow and white.

Painting is ready.

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