Introduction: Acrylic Avatar Themed Clock

This is a chlock i recently made from acrylic, this was when i was still watching avatar the last airbender and the project was a school one. So i got together some acrylic and used the school laser cutter to make the avatar inspired clock that is now hanging on my wall.

The project was simple, i had to design and cut two layers of acrylic and stick them together lined up so there could be some distancing to it, and in the following steps i will show you how i did it...


- 3mm acrylic sheets of your choice of colour

- clock mechanism which can be found online for a cheap price of around $3

- laser cutter or a jigsaw ( preferably the laser cutter

- epoxy glue

- computer using prodesktop to make acrylic template to send to laser cutter.

Step 1: Step 1 : Designing the Clock and Cutting Out the Layers

Designing the face of your clock but remember the hole in the middle, as it has to me the same size as the one on the clock mechanism. And then cutting the acrylic layers so that they over line.

PS: sorry i don't have any pics of my template or the laser cutting process :(

Step 2: Step 2 : Glueing the Acrylic Sheets

gluing the two layers together as wanted with epoxy as it lasts long and is hard to take apart layers if glued with it. You can see the epoxy glue as the dark patches through the yellow acrylic sheet.

Step 3: Step 3 : Assembling the Clock

Assembling the clock - (follow the pics)


1- the clock mech and 3 hands

2- put the mech extencion through the mech hole in the clock ( put through the back )

3- take the flat ring from the kit and insert in the mech

4- take the nut and tighten it so that the face of the clock and the mech are now together.

5- now the hands

6- now take the first and smallest hand (hour hand and insert it through the mech stand.

7- take the second smallest hand (minute hand) and insert it in the mech stand

8- finally take the largest ( second hand ) and insert it so that it tops the stach and covers up the mech stand

9- the clock assembly is finished

PS: for those who don't know what i mean:

mech = mechanism

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