Introduction: Acrylic Pouring String Pull Abstract Flower Painting

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The Acrylic Pouring String Pull techniques are diverse and open up to each artist an infinite range of interesting color schemes, color gradients, cell formations and varied design variants which often produce unpredictable creations.

For beginners of acrylic art the pouring is a great way to get a feel for acrylic paints. Successful experiences are guaranteed, provided you observe some basics.


1. Acrylic Paints (orange, yellow, green, black)

2. Canvas

4. Cotton yarn

Step 1: Preparing the Background

Pour a generous amount of black paint on the canvas and spread it all over. See video

Step 2: Adding the Flower Colours

Using three different colours, pour lines of paint at the top of the canvas. See video

Step 3: Adding the Yarn

Place a piece of cotton yarn over each line that was created. See video

Step 4: Cover the Yarn

Pour additional paint over the yarns to fully cover them. See video

Step 5: Pull the Yarn

Take the wooden end of a paint brush or stick and place it on the canvas above the first string. Now pull all the way down to the bottom. See video

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