String Painting Spiral Pattern




Introduction: String Painting Spiral Pattern

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Instantly create gestural painted patterns with this simple technique. Pulled string paintings are a fun way to experiment with different mediums and instantly create 2 mirrored art pieces at the same time! Once you start you won’t want to stop.


1. Metallic Paints (silver, red, black)

2. Canvas

3. Cotton yarn

Step 1: Prepare Background

Pour black paint on to a canvas and spread. See video for demonstration.

Step 2: Place String

Soak 2 long pieces of yarn in red and silver metallic paints. Take the red string and place it in a spiral starting from the center. See video for demonstration.

Step 3: Make Red Spiral

Pull the string maintaining the spiral arrangement. See video for demonstration.

Step 4: Make Silver Spiral

Place and pull the spiral to complete. See video for demonstration.

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    3 years ago

    So much motion going on with the colourful swirls and dark background...beautiful! Thanks for sharing this.