Introduction: Activity Board

Turn an old, worn or damaged cork board into something new and fun.

Step 1: Prepare Your Cork Board

I happened to have a damaged cork board that my son defaced during an episode which was my inspiration to find a way to "fix" it.

First thing I did was lightly sand it with fine sand paper and tape off the edges around the corkboard.

Step 2: Paint

I painted 4 coats of tintable chalkboard paint on one half and 12 coats of magnetic paint on the second half.

Chalkboard Paint

Was very easy to use and dried relatively quickly on the cork board. I wanted a nice smooth surface and wanted to make sure it could withstand being used by a child so I applied 4 thin coats of chalkboard paint. After waiting 24 hours I "seasoned" the paint by running a piece of chalk across the entire surface and wiping with a dry cloth. It works great!

Magnetic Paint

I painted 12 thin coats, one after the other. I had the hardware store "shake" the can of magnetic paint and when I got home I already had the surface prepped and ready for painting. I applied the first coat and then continued to stir the paint for about 5 minutes then applied the next coat and continued to do so until I felt good with the magnetic hold (12 coats later). It's holding up and is a great activity for my son.

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