Introduction: Add Glam to Your Boring Hair Accessories Using Simple DIYS

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Are you bored of plain black and white hair accessories? Today I am sharing some easy DIYs to spruce up the boring hair accessories to glamorous ones. Rhinestone hair accessories can costs you a lot but when you DIY them it is just a fraction of money. These ideas can also be adopted to make your own hair accessories for Halloween costumes or prom costumes. Lets see how.

Step 1: Jaw Clips Makeover

Do you know that nail polish is very versatile supply to spruce up your jaw clips? You heard it right, my friend.

Just paint two coats of your favorite color nail polish on to the jaw clip you want to makeover and let it dry. Add desired pattern like polka dots, chevron or stripes with a precision brush.Sometimes sharpie even works ;). If you want to keep the design for long time, add a coat of clear nail polish or clear spray paint.

If you want to change the design, just remove the nail polish with nail polish remover and make your next desired design.It is just as simple as that to customize your clips to match your attire.

Step 2: Jaw Clips Makeover Using Rhinestones

If you want to go one step ahead ,here is an another fabulous idea. All you need is rhinestones and glue. I used G.S.Hypocement glue but you can use any jewelry glue you prefer.

Apply a line of glue and use tweezers to place the rhinestones on the glue. Cover the whole clip with rhinestone or chose a pattern and use different colors of rhinestones to create your design. Here, I just glued the rhinestones line by line to cover the entire clip. Doesn't it look gorgeous ?

Rhinestones also comes in various shapes and colors(As shown in the last picture), so let your creativity follow to make wonderful designs and make everyone ask "Where you got those?" Isn't it a great feeling to proudly say "I Made it".:)

Step 3: Hair Ties Makeover- 2 Ways

1. Customizable badges Hair ties

Get some badges that come as two parts - a front case and a pin at the back. Cut a circle piece of desired fabric( you can get some fat quarter fabric to match your attire or you can use plain fabric & fabric paint to customize) bigger than the front case as shown in the picture. Crunch the extras into the case and pop the back case with the pin on to the front case to secure the fabric.That's it ! You are done.Simply open the pin and put the hair tie in it and close it.You now have a customized hair tie. :)

2.Buttoned Hair Ties

Get some shank buttons from the craft stores and stitch it to the hair ties. Insert the needle through the elastic and add the button .Secure the button with two or three stitches and secure the thread with a knot. Voila !! Your new buttoned hair tie is ready !!!

Step 4: Bobby Pins Makeover

Have remaining buttons? Here is a easy idea to add some pizzazz to plain bobby pins. Just slip in a shank button to the bobby pin. How simple is that ??

If you wanna go one step ahead, rhinestones come to the rescue.Insert the bobby pin on to a card to separate the layer of bobby pin. Apply glue and stick some colorful rhinestone in your favorite pattern. That's it, bejeweled bobby pins are ready to add glam to your hairstyle.

Step 5: Snap Clips Makeover

This is the mostly simplest and a fun DIY to glam your snap clips. I use these snap clips to control my frizzy hair but if you use it for style then you simple use metallic sharpies to add designs to your snap clips. If you want to remove the design, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol .It just comes off right away.

Hope these simple DIYs help you to add glam to your hair accessories. These are some the best ideas to try out this Back to School season. If you like these ideas, please don't forget to vote for me in "Hair & Makeup Contest". I really appreciate it. Thank you very much :)

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