Introduction: Adding Custom Music to Minecraft With a Bonus Mining Rig!

Many people often want to play music when reaching an abandoned tomb in Minecraft, or walking in a trap. This tutorial will show you how to add music in Minecraft and trigger it with command blocks. We will assume you have a copy of Minecraft and an Mp3 file for your music. Many other file types work too.

Step 1: Creating an Ogg File

Minecraft uses the ogg vorbis file type for its music. We will have to convert our Mp3 file into a .ogg file. Any good music editor will work, although I personally use Audacity. Import the file into a project in Audacity and then export it as an ogg vorbis file.

Step 2: Resource Pack

Make a file called, for example, examplepack. Inside Examplepack make a text file called pack.mcmeta with this in it:

{ "pack": { "pack_format": 3, "description": "example pack" }, "language": {} }

or add whatever else is needed.

Inside that examplepack, create a file called assets with a folder called Minecraft inside. Put a folder called sounds inside that. make a text file and change it to sounds.json.

Type this into sounds.json and modify it where needed:

"Spam": { "category": "record", "sounds": [{ "name": "spam", "stream": true }] },

"SevenSeas": { "category": "record", "sounds": [{ "name": "file name", "stream": true }] }


(Minecraft Wiki has a page on sounds.json)

The names value has to be the name of the ogg file minus the .ogg.

Put your .ogg files in the sounds folder and you should be good to go.

To save your resource pack, convert it into a .zip file and put it in your Minecraft resourcepacks folder.

Step 3: Command Blocks

Now that you have the resource pack, it's time to open Minecraft. open the settings in Minecraft and select your resourcepack. If it does not appear, the folder path may be wrong. Open a new world and type:

/give @p minecraft:command_block

place the command block and type this in:

playsound Minecraft:YourMusicHere record ~ ~ ~

Customize to your own needs and it should work!

Make musical traps in a PvP map with tripwires or make an explosive Joker laughing trap!

Step 4: Bonus: Mining Rig!

To make a quick, command powered mining rig, simply make a command block with a lever on top and add this command:

/clone ~-5 ~-5 ~-5 ~5 ~5 ~5 ~-5 ~-15 ~-5 replace move

ctrl+v to paste in Minecraft.

Make sure that the command block is at least 5 blocks in the air or you will have a tunneling piece of dirt.

To make it automatic, choose repeat in the GUI.

Feel free to add decorations within the cube of air, as they will be saved.

Useful for burrowing out holes for your underground jukebox!

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