Introduction: Adding a Switch to a Lamp

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So... I have this lamp. It works fine, but it has one of those stupid switches that is right under the lightbulb fixture.

It' s a lamp, you use it when it's dark. When it's dark I can't find the switch, and the lamp is designed in such a way that the top comes off if the shade turns. This can be no longer!

To the workbench!

What you'll need:

- A lamp;

- A switch;

- A pair of wire strippers;

- An exacto knife.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Split the Wire to the Right Length

Open up your switch to get it ready. there are many different types of switches, but on the inside, they look the same (ish).

With the pointy end of your exacto knife, split your cable lengthwise roughly the length of the indie of your switch casing.

Snip one side of your now split cable. This will be the side of the cable that will be interrupted by the switch's mechanism.

Step 2: Strip the Wire

Strip both ends of the cut side of the cable with the wire strippers. To do this, cut little by little until you pierce through the insulation. Make sure not to cut through the copper wire itself.

Once you have done this, you will have 2 pieces of exposed copper wire. One for each end of the switch's terminals.

In order for them to wrap around the terminal screws better, (as shown in the difference in the alignement of the individual strands between the 3rd and 4th picture) pinch the end of the exposed strands and twist them together.

Step 3: Put the Wire in the Switch

Place the terminal screws over the curled wire strands you have twisted up, and close up the casing.

You now have an extra light switch on your lamp cable!

Before you go on cursing who or whatever,make sure the light switch under the bulb is on at all times. Otherwise the switch might be working, but the electricity not going past the other switch under the bulb.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, comments, or complaints, give me shake!