Introduction: Adirondack Bench or Love Seat

MyGrandpa Chair has been very popular, since it is easier to get out of. My Customers though, have asked many times for a Loveseat or bench. This plan gives you the best of both ! The plans are designed to build a 72"(182.8cm) wide Family Bench (to the edges of each arm), but to make the Loveseat, all you do is eliminate the back slats on either side of the center slat, and reduce all horizontal measurements by 12"(30.9cm), to arrive at the 60"(152.4cm) wide Loveseat. Only one center support would be necessary. The seat would be 47.5"(120.5cm) wide, perfect for two.

The back is curved at the ends, and flat in the middle section. The seat is shorter, the back is more upright, but still allows you to rest your head and have a snooze. My wife and I can sit at either end, with our 7 and 5 year old Grandchildren between us. You can see the length above, as I sit sideways. The seat height is regular chair height of 17.5" (44.5 cm). I have extended the height of the original back, so that taller people can rest their head. The back seat slat follows the line of the back slats. This eliminates the "butt-bite", caused by the space left between the back slats and the last seat slat, if it is just a straight piece of wood. The arms at 7.5"(19cm) wide, will hold a dinner plate or magazine, and comfortably rest your arms with coffee in hand. The Windward Pine image and the Inukshuk image, are cutout patterns included as a full size PDF, if you wish to add one of them to the center slat. The third image shows an optional towel/magazine rack install between the middle slats of the Family Bench only. They are staggered to allow better spacing.

Plans also include pictures and dimensions of the taper sled I use on my table saw, to cut the back slats and back support pieces. The chair is totally constructed of 3/4" (1.9cm) pine, but can be made with cedar fence boards. Some of my Customers have used 1" (2.54cm) to 1 1/2" (3.8cm) stock for the legs and arms.

Dimensions - 72"W x 36"D x 46.5"H (182.8cmW x 91.5cmD x 118.1cmH)

To see the complete instructions, click the PDF icon below. You can purchase mailed full size patterns here, as well as downloadable CAD files and DWG or DXF files for CNC routers in my Etsy shop.