Introduction: Adjustable Door Mounted K'nex Basketball Hoop

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     Have you ever really wanted to play basketball but didn't have time to go to the local court? Instead you have to stay at home, bored, and miserable. Well you're in luck! If you have some K'nex, you can easily build a mini-door mounted basketball hoop! This hoop design allows you to adjust the height of the rim, and temporarily slows down the ball so you can catch it when it falls through. Attaching the hoop to a door is easy! Just slide the hooks into the crack between the top of the door and the door frame. It is an altogether simple and fun toy! If you want one, let's start building! 

Step 1: Parts

You will need:

-16 white connectors
-8 blue connectors
-8 grey connectors
-1 yellow connector
-8 red connectors
-1 orange connector
-11 purple loop connectors
-11 blue caps
-2 tan rotation locks
-2 orange diagonal "Y" connectors
-4 grey rods 
-2 green bendy rods 
-16 yellow rods 
-1 red rod
-2 blue rods 
-20 white rods 
-49 green rods 
-32 grey separators
-4 blue separators

-2 white connectors
-8 green bendy rods 

Step 2: Backboard: Center

Take four white connectors and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get four pieces. Next, connect all four pieces using green rods. Finally, fill in all spaces using white rods.

Step 3: Backboard: Edges

Take four blue connectors and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get two pieces. Next, attach them to the center of the backboard using green rods. Make sure they are all facing the same direction as in the pictures! If they are, fill in all spaces with white rods.

Step 4: Backboard: Hook Holders

Take two grey connectors and slide them together. Repeat to get four pieces. Next, connect the pieces together using green rods. Finally, attach them to the top of the backboard using green rods. 

Step 5: Backboard: Top Corners

Take two red connectors, and attach them to the top of the backboard using green rods. Next, fill in all spaces with white rods.

Step 6: Rim: Part One

Take two green bendy rods, and attach them to two diagonal "Y" connectors.

Step 7: Rim: Part Two

Take a yellow rod and attach it to a purple loop connector. Repeat to get ten pieces.

Step 8: Rim: Part Three

Slide three grey separators on to each of the green bendy rods, then add one of the pieces from step seven. Repeat this pattern four times total on each green rod. After the fourth repetition, slide one grey separator and one blue separator on to the green rod, and attach the final piece. Lastly, add a blue cap to each green rod.

Step 9: Rim: Attaching

Attach the rim to the backboard by inserting the diagonal "Y" connectors into the white connectors as shown. Next, connect the opposite ends of the green rods using a yellow connector.

Step 10: Support and Delay System: Part One

Attach a yellow rod to the bottom of the yellow connector on the rim. next, slide two blue separators, and six grey separators, onto the yellow rod. Finally, add a purple loop connector and a blue cap to the end of the rod.

Step 11: Support and Delay System: Part Two

Take two red connectors and attach them to two blue rods. Next, connect the two pieces using a yellow rod. Finally, add two tan rotation locks to the yellow rod to keep it from spinning.

Step 12: Support and Delay System: Part Three

Connect a red rod and an orange connector. Next, attach the orange connector to the yellow rod from step 11, and the red rod to the purple loop connector from step 10.

Step 13: Check

At this point, your hoop should look like this.

Step 14: Hooks

Take a grey rod, and attach it to a red connector and a blue cap. Next, attach a blue cap to a yellow rod. Finally, connect the yellow rod to the red connector. Repeat to get four hooks.

Step 15: Hooks: Attaching

Attach the grey rods to the back of the grey connectors on the backboard as shown. Notice you can slide the hooks up and down to adjust the height of the hoop. You can attach the hooks in any orientation, but this method is recommended.

Step 16: The Ball

In the following steps we will be building the simple ball that goes with this hoop. Notice how the ridges in the ball allow the Delay System to hold the ball in the hoop long enough for you to catch it.

Step 17: Parts

As stated before for the ball you will need:

-2 white connectors
-8 green bendy rods

Step 18: Building the Ball

Take a white connector and attach it to green bendy rods on all sides.  Next, bend the green rods over and attach them at the top to another white connector.

Step 19: Done!!!

Congratulations! Your K'nex door-mounted basketball hoop is now complete! Have fun playing indoor basketball!!! 
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