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This is an adjustable paracord bracelet that you slip on over your hand and then tighten up. My son learned how to tie solomon knot bracelets some time ago using side buckle clips. But when a clip shortage hit he had to adapt. This is what he came up with. He uses the loop created from an alpine butterfly as the first loop and continues with a standard paracord bracelet.  When finished you can slide the alpine loop to size, flip the whole thing inside out and voila.  So without further ado, here is Brian's first instructable...

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need 5-8 feet of para cord(1), a sharp pair of scissors, and a lighter(2).

Step 2: The Measurements

The length of the para cord should be approximately 2 outstretched arm lengths. To make sure the rope doesn't fray while making the solomon knot you should fuse (see step 5) the cut ends or you can tie a figure 8 stopper knot.

Step 3: Starting the Bracelet

There are many ways to start a para cord bracelet, but the one I will be telling you about is slightly adjustable. Find the middle of the para cord and tie an alpine butterfly knot. If you don't know how to tie the alpine butterfly knot, this will help you: (The finished loop should be 1-3 inches in diameter). Loop the para cord in the finished loop of the alpine butterfly so it fits you all the way around the largest part of you hand (you should make it a bit larger so you can put it on once you've finished it) hold that length where it is.

Step 4: The Solomon Knot

The main knot is a Cobra or Solomon knot. To do this you will to take the left free end through the loop that your hand will go through then put it over the right free end, but leave a bow.  Once you've done that take the right free end and put it over the 2 strands and into the bow you've made, Tighten the knot up. The previously right strand that went over the loop into the bow will stay on top of the loop. Now is the time to make sure the bracelet still fits you if not retry until it does.Repeat until you get to the base knot of the alpine butterfly

If I wasn't clear this should help you

Step 5: Ending the Bracelet

Once you get to base knot of the alpine butterfly you need to cut off the remaining para cord then use the lighter to fuse the ends of the para cord.

To fuse the end you first... cut the para cord where you want to fuse try to make sure that all of the strands are neatly together. Next take the lighter and melt the strands together don't leave it on too long or the strands will catch on fire. After that mush the side of the lighter into the para cord to form it.

Step 6: Adjusting the Braelet

The first braid you tied was the braid that could be adjusted if you pull it back and forth the bracelet will expand and contract to fit your needs.

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