Introduction: Adjustable (height) Table Saw Out-feed Table

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 An adjustable table saw out-feed table.
I saw some unused office chairs about to be thrown out at work, so I had an idea what I could make with them. I asked  and was given permission to take them.
I've always wanted an out-feed support for my table saw so this is what I came up with.
I found this an easy tool to make and it saved some stuff from the landfill.
A good use of re-purposing something.
The commercially available out-feed table is the second picture it's the one with the steel roller balls.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools Needed

Two old office chairs,
Screw drivers to fit the fastening screws,
Four 1.5 inch  1/4" bolts, nuts, washers and lock washers,
Sockets for bolts

Step 2: Disassembling the Office Chairs

Remove the seats and the backs, remove the wheels from one of the chair bottoms.

Step 3: Assembly

Place one of the chair bottoms, upside down onto the other chair bottom, this is  the part that the seat was attached to, they are going to be bolted together.
Since the chairs I had were identical the holes lined up.
The seat plates on my chairs had a bit of an angle to them, so I reversed one of them so both pieces would be straight when bolted together. (although slightly offset)

Step 4: Using the Out-feed Table

Put the out-feed table with the wheel-less side down. Because of the gas shock sticking out I had to form a base out of 2x6's.

To raise the height just use the original chair height adjusting levers. To lower it you will have to move one of the levers and press down on it, to lower it.

Step 5: Adjustment Range

The out-feed stand can be adjusted from 24 inches to 34 inches, if you need more height you could add it to the base.

Step 6: The Out-feed Table in Use

I used the out-feed table with my saw and it works fine, I did have to raise it up with a couple more 2x6's though.
In case you are wondering what my table saw is mounted on, it's an old manual type writer stand I found at a Goodwill store years ago. My saw fit perfectly on it.

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