Introduction: Adorable Baby Groot Planter With a Coconut!

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I’m a huge Marvel fan! My absolute favorite character from The Guardians Of The Galaxy series will always be little Baby Groot. The fact that they were able to cram so much charisma into a character that is vocally limited to a three word vocabulary, will forever amaze me.

Step 1: Making the Baby Groot Head Planter

After shopping around for the right coconut, I thought about the expression my Groot head would reenact.

My favorite scenes from Guardian Of The Galaxy were the ones when Baby Groot got angry. I wanted to instill that adorable moment so I searched for the coconut shape that best captured that expression. You may also want to consider buying two or three coconuts so you have an extra if you mess up or decide to change his facial expression.

Step 2: Materials

Coconuts – Coconut shells make great planting pots as they are durable and will last a long time.

Soil Media – I went with coco fiber but any type of potting mix that holds moisture well will work.

Plant – what ever plant you decided from earlier will be used to culture and showcase in the soil.

Step 3: Tools

Drill – This will make it easy to create holes in your coconut.

Soldering Iron – This made sculpting much easier but not necessary.

Carving Knife – For carving out the facial features.

Permanent Black Marker – Used for sketching out the initial idea and coloring eyes.

Pliers – This will help break open the coconut in a more strategic way.

Step 4: Getting Started

Let’s Start by drilling a hole into the top of the coconut, so we can fit pliers into it. This will be a good time to drill your bottom hole as well if you plan on watering this planter frequently. Take your pliers and start to break away the top of the coconut. Keep in mind the shape of grouts head while breaking away pieces.

Step 5: Cleaning

Once satisfied with the initial shape, clean out the inside of the coconut and boil away bacteria that might reside on the coconut shell. About half an hour should do the trick.

Step 6: Drawing the Face

Now that we have a decent shell to work with, we can start to draw out the facial features. Experiment with different expressions and positioning. You can always sand off mistakes later.

Step 7: Carving

Let’s start carving! I used the soldering iron to trace an outline of the eyes and mouth. This makes it easy to carve out the remaining pieces. Once satisfied with the results, color in the eyes and mouth with the black marker.

Step 8: Planting

We can now add soil and plants!! If you drilled a hole underneath the coconut, you will need an overflow trey to catch the extra run off of water. You can easily use a piece of the spare coconut shell to create a tray.

Step 9: Final Thoughts

Having this custom Baby Groot head planter has been an awesome experience. My friends and family get a kick out of seeing it when they visit. The best part about this project, It didn’t require a 3d printer for those of you that don’t have one. (like me at the moment! lol)

If you guys really enjoyed this baby groot planter tutorial check out my website, for other cool stuff I'm working on! if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a comment below!

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