Introduction: Arduino Smart Car

Today you're going to put together an Adriano Smart Car

Step 1: Unwrap All of the Parts

yep can confirm you should do this

Step 2: Make Sure You Have All the Parts

Step 3: Insert the Yellow Motor Onto the Base of the Car With Screws

Step 4: Put the Small White Wheel at the Front With Screws in Them

Step 5: Put the Other Four Screws on It Then Twist the Bolts in and Make Sure It Doesn't Wobble

Step 6: Attach Both of the Wheels on the Motors

Step 7: Put the Black Stabilisers Into the Sensor Battery

Step 8: Get Another Black Thing and Put a White Cross in the Middle of It and Spray It With a Spray Can

Step 9: Then Put Those Two Things Together

Step 10: Now Put the Sensor Battery Into the Base of the Inscrutable Smart Car With Screws

Step 11: Now Put the Sensor Detector on the Front Held in by Zip-ties

Step 12: Put the System Board at the Back and Screw It in With Gold Screws

Step 13: Then Put Another Board System on Top of That

Step 14: Then Put the On-off Switch in the Middle

Step 15: Put a Red Control Board on

Step 16: Put Batteries in

Step 17: Now Do the Wiring