Advanced Paper Airplane

Introduction: Advanced Paper Airplane

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Step 1: Step One

Start with an ordinary piece of paper

Step 2:

Fold diagonally and the unfold

Step 3:

Do the same with the other side and you should have an x

Step 4:

Flip your paper over then fold down

Step 5:

Unfold and flip paper over

Step 6:

Fold into the shape of a pyramid

Step 7:

Fold the tips up

Step 8:

And do that again

Step 9:

Put the triangle down at the top and unfold

Step 10:

Fold the 2 loose triangles under the flaps

Step 11:

It should look like this

Step 12:

Open flaps on the triangle bit enough to put your fingers in

Step 13:

Put the 2 flaps into the "socket"

Step 14:

It should look like this

Step 15:

Turn it over

Step 16:

Step 17:

Fold the 2 half into the center and fold them in half again

Step 18:

Step 19:

Fold triangles on the tip of each wing

Step 20:

Your done!

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    4 years ago

    These instructions could be clearer......
    When I tried flying this it just dive-bombed as it was very front heavy........


    6 years ago

    Not very helpful. Words would have made it much clearer about what to do