Introduction: Advanced Power Supply for OpenEVSE

Advanced 12V DC power supply for use with Open EVSE.

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12V DC - 4 Watts
Ground Monitoring
L1/120V – L2/240V Detection
Stuck Relay Detection

Skill level: Basic soldering

Warning High voltage present!!!

1 - Open EVSE power supply board
1 - MPM-04S-12 switch mode power supply module
1 - 3.5mm 2 position screw terminal
1 - 5.0mm 3 position screw terminal
1 - 5.0mm 2 position screw terminal
2 - 1A 250V fuses
1 - 0.1uf ceramic capacitor
1 - 47uf electrolytic capacitor
2 – MID400 AC voltage detect IC
2 – 22k Ohm resistors
2 – 6 pin Female Stack headers
1 – 6 pin Male Stack headers

Step 1: AC High Voltage Parts

- Solder the 22k Ohm resistors (Red – Red - Orange) in R1 and R2

- Solder the MID400 AC detect chips in IC1 and IC2, line up the notch/dot with the marking on the board.

- Solder the 2 250V 1A fuses in position next to the resistors.

- Solder the 2 and 3 position 5mm screw terminals in the Test and Input locations.

Step 2: DC Parts

-Solder the 0.1uf Capacitor in C1

-Solder the 47uf Electrolytic capacitor in C2 (Check Polarity)

-Solder the 3.5mm Screw terminal

-Solder the 6 pin female stack header

-Solder the Power Supply Module to the board.

Step 3: Testing

- Check your work carefully

- Connect AC input GND (Green), H (Black), N (White or Red)

- Connect to AC power

- Measure and verify 12V output.

Step 4: Stacking With OpenEVSE

- Solder the remaining female stack header to the OpenEVSE (labeled D2 - D3 - D4 -5V - GND - 12V). Older Open EVSE boards      without 12V pin still require an external power wire. Boards with the 12V pin are powered through the stack.

- Cut the male stack pins to size.

- Screw the 3/4" spacers to the OpenEVSE board with the 1/4 (shorter) screws.

- Use the longer ½” screws and the appropriate non-conductive spacers to mount the stack to the enclosure or enclosure tray. DO NOT TIGHTEN METAL SCREWS DIRECTLY ONTO THE BOTTOM BOARD WITHOUT NON-CONDUCTIVE SPACERS, HIGH VOLTAGE IS PRESENT IN THE BOTTOM BOARD.