Introduction: Adventure Time Sugru BMO Cable Holder

BMO (phonetically spelled Beemo) is Finn and Jake's living video game console, portable electrical outlet, music player, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, strobe light, skateboarder, friend, soccer player, video editor, video player and Chef. He is such a versatile character in the beloved TV show Adventure Time that it's only befitting he is also a cable holder for those poor, lost souls who can never find their power cord (because it's on the floor, buried under messes.)

Step 1: Make BMO's Curvy Body

So, the first thing you want to do is have this handy color spectrum of Sugru color combos that will give you your gorgeous hue of choice. To make BMO's body, I choose 50% blue, 50% white to make light blue. Then, I mixed 10% blue with 90% white to make a baby blue for his screen. After a lot of mixing (and turning my fingers blue in the process), I got the right colors that I wanted. I molded the Sugru into a roughly rectangular shape, then took a sturdy straight edge (ruler in this case, but you can use anything that'll get the job done) and just chopped away the uneven edges of the sugru to make a nice and even rectangle base. Repeat the same process to make a smaller rectangle in baby blue for his screen-face.

Tip: Save some of the light blue (50% blue, 50% white) for the legs and arms later. You can save the Sugru by wrapping it in some tin foil. If your dad is the CEO of Sugru, then you can probably just open up another pack (heck, let's open 20 packs! Be poppin Sugru packs all night long.) later for Step 3. For the rest of us mere plebs, let's save where we can, yes?

Step 2: Make BMO's Controls

BMO's controls require royal blue (90% blue, 10% white) for the cartridge details, yellow for the arrow pad, red, and green (50% blue, 50% yellow) for the buttons. Since they are miniatures, the main challenge is to work with only your finger tippy tips. Gingerly press them onto his body. You can customize to your heart's content until you get the exact BMO that you want.

Tip: Keep a wet towelette or cleaning wipe near by to clean your finger tips after mixing each color. Otherwise, you risk having some color contamination! This is especially true for high contrast colors.

Step 3: Make BMO's Arms (Critical Step)

So hopefully you listened to me from Step 1 and saved some of your 50% blue, 50% white Sugru because now you will need it for his arms and feet. His arms are probably the most critical part of our BMO because well, he's suppose to be a cable holder, right? I rolled out two long thin pieces of Sugru and then curved the top part around my power cord so it's a nice fit. Of course, at this point the Sugru is still soft so it's not going to want to stay in that shape. Take the cord out once you get a feel for how much the top of the arms should curve and then just leave it. Don't touch it, don't accidentally brush against it, don't let your dog lick it, don't even breathe on it.

It need to set.

In the meantime, you can make the legs by making some hockey stick looking pieces. Of course, feel free to position BMO's legs however you want. Some potential ideas are: meditating BMO, dancing BMO, Van Damme BMO, etc. etc.

Step 4: Make BMO's Face (Also Critical)

No BMO is complete without a face (unless BMO shut down because he's feeling antisocial.) I made mine with his iconic small smile but you can give him whatever facial expression you like.

Tip: Since in Adventure Time, the way they drew BMO is so detailed and fine, I found it hard to capture his expression with Sugru (because it's molded with my clumsy ogre fingers.) If you like, you can also just draw his face on the screen with a Sharpie or any permanent marker. It will probably give you more control over his facial expression and he'll look closer to the way he's drawn in the animation.