Introduction: Dalek Interactive Wall Hanging With Chibitronics

This is an instructable for Wholigans (fans of the British sci-fi show, Dr. Who) who want to spruce up their interior with a clever and hilarious wall hanging. The list of materials is very simple and accessible. They are as follows...

Printer (colored is preferred)

Computer paper x 2

Chibitronics kit sound activated module, 3 white LED stickers, circuit stencil

Copper conductive tape

A thin maker

Binder clip

Exacto knife

Picture frame (DIY or store bought)

Super glue

For DIY picture frame


Laser cutter

Spray paint

Step 1: Pick a Dalek Image That You Would Like to Awesomify

I decided to go with this image because it's clean cut. You can, of course, choose a less generic image of a Dalek or Daleks. The first step is to print out the image on a computer printer. Luckily, I had access to a laser color printer so I was able to get a nice quality print.

Step 2: Lay Out the Chibitronics Circuit Markers

Now, bust out your Chibitronics kit and what you will be needing is 3 white LED stickers, the sound-activated module sticker and the circuit stencil. On a sheet of computer paper start marking out the spots where the Dalek's helmet probe is. Those are the places where you will use the stencil to draw LED markers. Next, lay out the sound-activated module and the batteries.

Step 3: Complete and Test the Chibitronics Circuit

Now, take your copper tape and start creating your parallel + and - paths. Put the LED stickers and sound-activated module sticker on the circuit as well. To test, insert the battery and complete the circuit. When there's any sounds near the module, the LEDs should light up and its brightness should be dependent on the volume of the sound. So, for example, this is how I tested the circuit. A loud bang on the table should light up the LEDs fairly brightly while a softer tap should produce a fainter light.

Once your circuit is tested and in working order, secure the battery with a binder clip.

Step 4: Tape or Glue the Dalek Picture Over the Chibitronics Circuit

Now, you need to superimpose the original computer printout over the circuit, completely covering it so that is remains hidden from view. Be sure to line up the Dalek's helmet probes carefully with the LEDs. This step is optional but you can use an exacto knife to remove the top-layer paper in those spots if you think the LEDs are too dim and you'd like them to be more visible. Tape or glue the top layer securely over the bottom layer.

Step 5: Make or Buy a Frame for Your Interactive Photo

In order to complete the project and make it look polished, you should frame the photo so it can be hung on a hall or placed on a shelf. I decided to make my frame from a scrap piece of cardboard. It is cut on a Full Spectrum laser cutter and then spray painted both sides black. Then, I super glued the photo onto the frame to ensure that it will not fall out or get misaligned. Of course you can also just put the photo in a store-bought picture frame.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Interactive Dalek Wall Hanging

Voila! You are done making your very own Dalek interactive wall hanging. Makes for a great conversation piece for a Dr. Who-themed house party or give it as a gift to a special Wholigan in your life. Have fun with it. Go wild. Keep making.

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