Introduction: After Effects Introduction to Beginners.

About: ||Shree Swami Samarth|| Hello and welcome to Animators School YouTube Channel. In this channel, we teach all the creative things like How to learn Adobe After Effects? How to learn Adobe Illustrator? How to l…

Hello and welcome to Animators School YouTube Channel and this is after effects beginner tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will learn all the necessary things which you need. We will see How to set our workspace in after effect? and we will also have a look at all the different panels and their uses. I will be giving a very small intro to all the things in this lesson. I will also show a short animation render in this, to give you an idea of what will you all be learning in this Adobe After Effects Fundamental Course. So let's start.

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Step 1:

Step 2: You Will Learn How to Animate This Scene

So in this after effects tutorial series you will be learning how to animate this beautiful scene in after effects.

I will be providing you all the necessary files for download which is required for this tutorial.

So lets start

Step 3: Setting Your Workspace.

Setting up your workspace is really very necessary in after effects because it makes your workflow easy and handy. So in this step, we will see how to set up our workspace.

Step 4: Knowing All the Panels in After Effects

In this step you will get to know all the different panels and what are these panes used for.