Air Dry Clay Sunflower

Introduction: Air Dry Clay Sunflower

This air dry clay sunflower is sure to brighten any day!

Materials needed:

Color Plus air dry clay in yellow and black

ACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kit

Cotton sheeting cut into 3 8” x 8” squares

A small cup of water

Wooden skewer or needle tool

Pattern for circles 1” and 1 ¾” (think quarter or bottle tops)

Burlap ribbon

Rectangular glass vase

Hot glue gun

ACTÍVA Product’s colored sand in green

Clear acrylic spray to seal

Step 1: Prepare the Clay

Condition the yellow clay in your hands by kneading and lightly spraying with water if it is dry. It should be smooth and pliable when you are finished. Use a designated square of cotton sheeting for each color of clay. Roll out a 3/16” thick slab of yellow clay using ACTÍVA Product’s rolling kit and cut a 1 ¾ “circle out. Set aside.

Step 2: Make the Sunflower Petals

Roll out another 3/16” thick slab of yellow clay and cut out 16 petals for your sunflower. The 8 petals on the bottom row are a bit wider and have an arch cut out so they may butt up against the dark circle. The top 8 petals are thinner and shaped more like a leaf. Make the petals more realistic by taking a skewer and drawing lines on them. Set these petals aside. You will need to go wash your hands and clean your tools every time you switch clay color. Tools need to be cleaned after each use.

Step 3: Condition the Black Clay

Condition the black clay by adding a small amount of yellow clay until you get the desired color to make the dark middle of your sunflower. Using a designated cotton sheeting for the dark clay, roll out a 3/16” thick slab and cut a circle the size of a quarter. Scratch or score the back of this dark circle and score the 1 3/4 “ yellow circle with a wooden skewer and lightly moisten each area and press the dark circle in the center of the yellow circle. Texture the dark circle with a dull pencil to make it appear to have seeds. This is the beginning of your sunflower.

Step 4: Make Your Sunflower

Score the bottom layer of petals and the yellow base and lightly moisten both sides and begin pressing the petals around the dark circle. Continue to the second row of petals alternating between bottom petals. Be sure to keep your hands and work area clean as the colors may smudge.

Step 5: Assemble Your Project

Let your art project dry thoroughly. Spray with clear acrylic spray to seal it.

To assemble your finished project, cut a burlap ribbon and hot glue around a rectangular glass vase. Hot glue the sunflower on top of the seam where the ribbon meets. Fill your glass vase with colored sand and a candle. What a lovely way to brighten up your home!

Artwork created by Karen Lowrey
Photography by Don Auderer

Step 6:

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