Introduction: Air Powered Rocket Launcher Toy

As with all 8 year olds, mine is also fascinated with space and rocket launching. So making this instructable for him.

Step 1: Materials

Card stock

Drinking straw





Step 2: Make the Base

Make a flat box with card stock. This will hod the launching contraption. Actually the straw will be there.

Step 3: Align the Straw

Make a hole in the side almost the size of the straw cross section. Make a hole in the top for the stray to stand and align properly.

Step 4: Extend the Height

Add more straw if you need to extend the height of the stray.

Step 5: Secure the Launchpad

Reinforce the box with more card stock paper and glue the straw in place. Also add the top of the box and secure it.

Step 6: Make the Rocket

With standard A4 paper make a roll just larder than the straw in diameter and length. Tighten and glue the roll. Top it with a cone to make the tip. Add fins for stability. Let it dry thoroughly before use.

Step 7: All Done

You are almost done. Now decorate the launchpad as you like and color it. I just added a launching tower besides the rocket and done for my kid.

Hold the launching station upright and blow hard on the straw. See your rocket fly.

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