Airgun Pellet Washer

Introduction: Airgun Pellet Washer

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This is for the people who want to be serious about washing pellets of any caliber. Okay not really.. But still pellets usually come dirty with lots of lead dust on them that will ruin your barrel especially if it is rifled.

Step 1: Materials

What you need-
- hacksaw (not pictured)
- knife
- 12 g co2 canister empty of course
- and dun du du duuuuunnnn the wonderful altoids tin
- oh and a hot glue gun ps. I burnt my self several times while making this...mostly because I'm an idiot but I'm sure you guys might burn yourselves also so be careful

Step 2: Assembly

As most of you know I like to make my ibles short and sweet so as always just follow the pictures

Make a hole in the bottom right corner of your altoids tin with your knife be careful ( the knife in the profile picture pierced my skin too many times and earned lots of scoldings and lectures from my parents) this hole shoos be big enough to put he nozzle of the co2 can Into. Hot glue then just follow the pics. P.s. Dish soap works fine as a washer along with hot water. This isn't really a washer just in fact a. Strainer. After using with pellets never use for food lead never leaves.

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