Introduction: Airplane Warfare Game in MBlock

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I am writing this instructable to show that how can we make Simple airplane game with four (Forward,Backward,Right,Left) movement game with fire.

The mission that I created is to collect some amount of Gold coins before health point reaches to Zero.

Every step is shown well in pictures.

Step 1: Blocks for Airplane(images)

In this Segment I have used if and else statement blocks dragged from "Control" Tab.

  • W is button for Forward Case,
  • S is button for Reverse Case,
  • A is button for Left Case,
  • D is button for Right Case,

"Mission Statement"

If Gold Coins are equal to 30 change Background to next backdrop which is You Won!

If not so then switch backdrop to You Lose It!

Step 2: Fire/Weapon

"There are two images above.One is overall preview and the second is Crop image with clear blocks.So that you can easily see which block is used"

This segment states that when Flag Event is pressed then create clone of nail polish which is fire in my case.

  • When Fire hits enemy airplane it delete itself's clone and also enemy plane.
  • Also add up the score value by one.

Step 3: Enemy Airplane

As its name shows enemy.

When it hits our player airplane it delete itself's clone and minus player's health by -10.

From above two images you can easily see which block is used.

Step 4: Objective (Gold Coins)

Gold coins also creates clone of itself when Flag Event is pressed.

When it hits Player Airplane Gold Value is increased by plus One.

Step 5: Health

In Health Tab there is no important block.

It has just this event,when Flag Event is pressed Set Health value to 100.

However,health is decreased when enemy airplane hits player airplane.

"You can find this in Enemy Step Picture'

Step 6: Nail Polish

I have changed slightly its shape.

You can choose any object as fire or You can Draw it on your own.

Step 7: Backdrops

These are three backdrops.

  • When Flag event is pressed Game Resets and backdrop is switched back to Desert backdrop
  • If Gold Coins are equal to 30 then Game over and You Won backdrop appears which is custom build.
  • If not so then You Lose it! backdrops appears.

Step 8: It Is Done!

Yes,You have created your very own and very very simple Game in mBlock.

Now Enjoy Your Game.

I have also linked my videowith this instructable which you can watch.

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