Introduction: Airsoft Mask Integrated PTT (Push to Talk) Comms

Learn how to integrate an existing headset into your airsoft mask.


Micro Mic (optional if existing mic is acceptable)

Soldering Iron

Solder & Flux

Thin headphone wire

Micro Speaker (Optional)

Hot Glue

Needle & Thread (Nylon)

Step 1: Select a Suitable Ptt Headset to Modify

I will be using a throat mic with a U94 Connector.

Step 2: ​Disassemble the Headset

Disassemble the headset and locate the 2 mic wires and 2 speaker wires.

Step 3: Selecting the Input and Output Components

You will need a micro mic, cheap and prolific or use the one in the headset (its a lil bigger usually). You will also need a micro speaker and old school in ear headphone pads. Optional you can purchase a speaker but you will likely find that the one in the head set will work well.

Step 4: Putting the Mask Together

Carefully separate your chosen mask seams at the ear and mouth areas.

Solder your speaker and mic wires to the ptt cables and feed the wires through to the positions where you want them and hot glue or sew the mask where you separated the seams.

I noticed without some kind of foam over the mic the wind from you voice while speaking overwhelms the audio, as stated a piece of foam from the headphone pads will work fine. Double it up and use a small zip tie or thread to secure the foam.

I also noticed that gluing the mic in the centre was the best sound quality and you can whisper.