Introduction: Alhambra 1925 Premium Beer Lamp by Erguro

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One of the best things about this project, has been having to drink 3 bottles of one of the best Spanish beers the Alhambra 1925,, jokes aside, I have always liked the shape of these bottles and their special intense green color , so I decided to build a lamp using aluminum pipes to give it an industrial look that reminded of the manufacturing process in the factory.

The tubes enter through the sheets of the bottle and at all times the wiring is hidden. I used my old Delta 3D printer to manufacture the parts that support the tubes and the base of the lamp, all the parts in PLA and with 100% filling And finally I looked for some G4 LED bulbs that going through the hole in the bottle, had the maximum possible performance

Let's start makers!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The necessary material for this project is:

  • 3 bottles of Alhambra 1925 empty with their sheets, the way to empty them I think it is not necessary to explain it :-)
  • 3 aluminum pipes of 100mm x 10mm diameter
  • 4m wire 0.75mm x 2
  • A ground switch
  • A plug, I used one of an old lamp
  • 3 G4 220v led bulbs
  • 3 lamp holders for bi-pin G4 led bulbs
  • Heat shrink tubing

The necessary tools are:

  • A 3D printer or someone who prints the parts you can download my parts at Here
  • Pipe bender
  • Pipe cutter
  • 40w soldering iron and tin
  • hot air gun for the heat shrink tube
  • 2-component epoxy glue Araldit or similar
  • A 10mm steel bit

Step 2: Preparing 3D Parts and Tubes

With the 10mm drill all the holes of the printed pieces are reviewed

Starting with grain 240 sanding paper, the pieces are sanded and then finishing with grain 400 sanding paper

To achieve a better finish of the aluminum tubes it is recommended to polish them with the legendary pasta Autosol, you can see the differences before and after at the pics

Each tube is cut 150mm to obtain the 3 legs that will be the base.

Step 3: Bending Tubes

It is very important to grease the tubes well before you bend them, if you do not, you can break the tubes due to the great stress that occurs when bending them.

Each tube is marked at 200mm as a reference to bend each end 180 degrees with the tube bender

Once the 3 tubes are bent we will cut the end so that the distances of the tubes are different, the distance goes to the taste of each person

Then we will place the 3D parts that serve to join the 3 tubes and the base

Step 4: Preparing More Parts

Using a punch we will prepare the sheets of the bottles to make a hole of 10mm in diameter

Then we can pass the cables through the inside of the tubes and weld the lamp holders

To keep the sheet in place, use epoxy

Step 5: Wiring the Base

Once the cables are passed through the tubes, the wiring must be distributed in the base so that only one cable goes to the switch, we will use the soldering iron and the shrink tube to protect the wiring.

We will finish the assembly with a 3mm protective cover that hides the wiring
then we will put the 3 caps topping the end of the tubes

That way the assembly is cleaner, then we mount the switch

Step 6: It´s Time to Electric Test

Once you've finished all the wiring it's time to test the switch

Then we will put the bottles in place by pressing the sheets with pliers until they are in place.

I hope you liked it

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