Introduction: LG 32 TV Repair (Led Strips Change)

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UPDATED! This instructable it´s about repairing your LG 32" LED TV with no backlight issue

My LG LED TV Model or Part Number is 32LN540B.

First of all I´ve checked power switching supply that it´s also a common failure in this TV, all voltages were present, so I decided to check every LED I found 4 dead LEDS !

This LED's are connected in series so if you have just one of them fused in a strip, you probably get no backlight faillure.

Prepair a cup of tea or coffe, and Rock&Roll :-)


Only phillips screwdrivers and tweezers

First you have to do is buy the 3 strips led kit, you can buy it at the very reasonable price of 12€, contents 2 units of A1 strip with 7 LED, and 1 unit of A2 strip with 8 LEDs, I bought mine from Aliexpress here's the link

Please check first if these led strips is right for you, there are a lot of differente models in my case these are the compatible part numbers.

6916L-1204A 6916L-1205A 6916L-1105A 6916L-1106A 6916L-1295A 1296A

Step 1: LG 32" LED TV Back Cover Disassembly

First of all remove 4 Phillips screws that are situated in the base of TV

Now you can remove all screw that you can find around the back cover, note that this screws are different than the base screws.

There are 3 types of screws you will see when remove them, please take note of the situation.

When you finish removing screws you can easily remove the back cover, then you will see all the electronics components Power Switching Supply, Main Board, Speaker boxes, etc.

Step 2: LG 32" LED TV Outside Frame Disassembly

Now it´s time to remove screen panel holder side screws, it´s recomended to remove first whole frame but I learnt this after :-)

There are 10 screws some of them are a little bit tricky to remove if you let frame, but anyway you can remove them.

Remeber also to remove IR remote board and the brown sticker close to it.

Now it´s time to play with the frame clips all of the are made of the same plastic of the frame, you have to release all of them to take the frame out.

Note that corner clips are harder to remove, they have another shape and you have to make more force, please be careful to not damage frame or clips, be patient and everthing will be all right :-)

Step 3: LG 32" LED TV LCD Panel Disasembly

Once you remove outside frame it´s time to remove steel parts that are locking the main LCD Panel there are 4 steel plates surrounding LCD panel.

Very important! After removing steel parts, you have to carefully disconnect flat cable that connects LCD panel interface to main board, see picture 4

Then you can move LCD Panel interface from the internal plastic frame that holds LCD panel

After that carefully pull whole LCD panel including interface board

Put away LCD panel in a smooth surface.

Step 4: LG 32" LED TV LCD Internal Plastic Frame Disassembly

Now it´s time to remove an internal plastic frame that holds in place a white plastic layers that works as a diffuser, to avoid seeing the LED emission points, is made of white translucent plastic, not transparent they also works as polairizing filters.

After removing plastic frame and layers set you finally will see leds

Now it´s time to remove white and shiny cardboard that holds in place with a small clear locker see pics 6 and 7 for the location

After removing cardboard you finally see the led strips

Step 5: LG 32" LED TV LCD Changing LED Strips

Ok now you can see old strips (that are connected) and the new ones, as you can see there 2 types of strips A1 and A2 you have to put the right one in place, they are different.

Disconnect led strip connector

Pull old strips

Remove adhesive strip protector of the new strips and put in the same place of the old strip, this is very Important! if you don´t put inthe same place white carboard will not fit in place.

Is it possible that you have to remove old adhesive strip

After change all led strips don´t forget to connect all connections optional you can write date to control led strip life in the future

UPDATED! I had some problems with led strips connectors, finally I had to solder them to avoid these bad contacts

Return all steps back and you are done!!

Hope this Instructable will help to you to repair your LCD TV helping to protect environment and sustainability.

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