Introduction: Alien Rotolamp #HackHalloween

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Ghosts are scary - but aliens are scarier!!! Create a close encounter of your own kind and use the Rotolamp as a prop for your Halloween alien movie. The Rotolamp is a spinning projector that can create light patterns that dance in the dark! Control its speed and direction wirelessly to frame the perfect special effects!

This project is by my friend Arjun for the littleBits #HackHalloween contest. It is a remix of the Rotolamp project. You can start either building the Alien Rotolamp from scratch or if you already made the Rotolamp, you just need a few small additions to your design. I'll include all the steps from scratch in this 'ible.

Parts list:

  • littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit $199.95 Includes bits, accessories & project ideas so you can make tons more stuff with this kit! Remix the projects and make them your own!
  • play doh, 2 small paper plates, aluminum foil, glue dots, styrofoam ball, paint, paper, tape, grass from outside, cardstock or thin cardboard for scenery, props & furniture

Enter the littleBits #HackHalloween contest:

  • (You can win a GoPro camera and up to $3000 worth of Bits!)

  • First, invent a creepy costume or hair-raising prank OR use one you've
    already made! Next, film your own scary movie featuring your frightful masterpiece!
  • Submit your video and documentation of your littleBits creation on YouTube and the littleBits Project Page with the hashtag #HackHalloween by midnight EST on Saturday, October 31.
  • You could use your Instructables Halloween contest entry, just make sure it uses littleBits!

Step 1: Rotolamp Circuit

First build the Rotolamp Circuit, as shown in the picture. Now, press the circuit onto the mounting board. Make sure the mounted circuit looks just like the image so everything fits nicely for the final build.


Build the transmitter circuit, and add a powersnap to the middle bitSnap on the transmitter circuit. Then, press onto a mounting board.


Turn off the Rotolamp circuit and add wheels to the DC motors. The wheels will help you spin your projector and provide the structure for the projector to stand on.

Step 4: Stand the Rotolamp Up and Test

Stand the Rotolamp up with one wheel as the base and TEST OUT YOUR CIRCUIT. Make sure the wireless receiver is on the SAME CHANNEL (a,b,c,d, or e) as your transmitter. Use the transmitter circuit to spin the projector!

Step 5: Rotolamp Sleeve

Build the Rotolamp Sleeve from Templates E1 and E2 and place it on top of the Rotolamp circuit. Make sure to turn off your Rotolamp circuit while building the sleeve.

Step 6: Build UFO

Time to construct the UFO! Place the two small paper plates together so the outer rims touch. Tape those edges together and cover with foil. This is the base of the UFO. Arjun added a styrofoam ball on top.

Step 7: Set Your Scene

Use Play-doh or Sculpy to shape the characters in your short film, then grab a camera and start rolling! Put the camera on a tripod and don't move the camera while you move the clay character(s) slightly between shots. Insert all the photos into your video editing software. Once you’ve finished, upload it to YouTube, then share it on the littleBits Community Project Page using the hashtag #HackHalloween.