Introduction: Emoji Charm Bracelet

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Jack and I made this easy charm bracelet with our favorite emojis and icons. All of the supplies can be found in a big box craft store. The activity takes around an hour for an adult and child.

Gather supplies:

Clear Shrink Film by Grafix Arts $6.50 for a pack of 6 ... can substitute with #6 Plastic food container.

Sand paper between 300 - 500 grit.

two pliers

jump rings $2.99 a pack at craft store

7.5" chain bracelet with clasp $3.99 at craft store

black Sharpie marker

colored pencils

blank paper



single hole punch

toaster oven or conventional oven

Visit this link for complete Shrink Film Instructions by Grafix Arts.

Step 1: Draw Designs

Using a pencil, we drew a grid 2 inches wide x 6 inches tall (roughly twice the size of our desired charm). Inside the grid, Jack and I drew our favorite icons and emoji's. Then I placed the clear shrink film on top and traced simple outlines with a black sharpie marker and Jack colored the designs with colored pencils.

Step 2: Cut Out the Charms and Punch Holes

Cut out charms with a small margin around the edges. It's ok to leave out some contours, such as between bunny ears. Punch a single hole now, before baking. This is where each charm will hang.

Step 3: Bake

Preheat conventional or toaster oven to between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake charms on a cookie sheet lined with paper or parchment for 2-3 minutes. While inside the oven, charms will curl up then flatten to around half their original size. Remove from the oven and wait a few moments for the charms to cool before touching.

Step 4: Attach Charms to Bracelet

Use two pliers to twist open a jump ring and attach a charm to a bracelet link. Use one pliers to grip one side of the jump ring and the other to twist the jump ring open. Slip the charm onto the jump ring and hook it onto a bracelet link. Twist the jump ring closed again with the pliers. For link spacing, count bracelet links and divide that number by the number of charms you have. Our bracelet has 24 links and 8 charms, which gives us optimal spacing of every 3 links.

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