Introduction: Alien UFO Lamp

Greetings earthlings! Today ill be showing how to make these awesome alien spaceship ultra violet lamps! Theyre mostly made of recycled materials.


-old paint bottles

-nail polish bottle

-ultra violet leds

-tp4056 battery charger

-lion battery from old notebook battery pack

-screws and nut i used m3

= optional decorations=




3d printer for spaceship body

hot glue gun

soldering iron

Step 1: Step 1 Print Out Space Ship Body

print out the spaceship body, this file isnt really perfected, but if you have trouble let me know

Step 2: Step 2 Electrical Wiring

connect battery to tp4056, but on the negative side make a special switch that will be the antenna which turns it off and on.Using one m3 screw and two nuts, solder one wire on each nut. one nut wire (closest to screw head) will go to battery negative (solder directly on battery) and the nut that is closest to the end will go to the tp4056 negative terminal. now before connecting the positive side, mount the screw switch and encase it in hotglue. Now turn off the connection by turning the screw untill it doesnt touch the last nut and continue with the positive side. on the output install the uv leds. i put two on the top side and one on the bottom.

Step 3: Step 3 Hotglue My Best Friend and Ally in Everyway Possible

On the pics you can see the bottles i used, one is from an empty acrylic paint primer and another is a used nail polish glass. clean them as best you can i used acetone and let it soak in soap water for a few days. when theyre clean you can decorate the inside if you wish then glue it onto the base with the wiring. now since the base wasnt very accurate dimensional wise i had to make some holes larger with a soldering iron and any imperfection i used either hot glue or epoxy to cover it up.

Step 4: Step 4 Decorating

after the glue and epoxy is dry you can paint and decorate it as you
like. i used acrylic paint, crystals, epoxy, leather scraps and beads. Each one is for a different alien race. last pic has the race types. if you make one show me id love to see the different paint jobs.

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