Introduction: Aliens Ripley With Pulse Rifle

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Make Way for  Lt.Ellen Ripley from Aliens!

    This costume is my latest creation. Most of the costume is thrift store clothing that I  put together.  I was fortunate to find an assortment that worked together. For the staining I used coffee, soda and shoe polish. I also misted the entire costume with a black temporary  hair color ( like the sell at Halloween). There were a lot of images to go by. I tried to match the stains in the movie photos.

      Unable to find stompers (boots), I had to use white sneakers with sock cuffs and elastic bands.

     The pulse blaster was an important prop. I made mine from a toy blaster that I modified by gluing on pvc pipes and dowels that I then covered with craft foam and embellished with acrylic paints. The strap is a canvas belt. Because a 2 year old would be carrying this rifle it had to be super light weight  and easy to carry.

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