Introduction: All Axis Non-Slip Screw & Tool Holder

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How many times have you lost track of your screws or where they go when working on a project? Or even worst, dropped a screw or bold and waste several minutes trying to find it. This project is the perfect solution for making these issues a thing of the past. This project is perfect for keeping screws, nuts, bolts, and bits in order. Allowing you to find them easily and organizing them making it simple to remember where they come from or go.

In this project, I am using N50 neodymium magnets which are very strong and can be dangerous if not handled with care. The stronger the magnet the greater the risk of injury, or damage to the magnets and your surroundings. Try working on a non-metallic surface and keep all metallic objects and tools away from magnets until you are ready to use them.


  • 4 circular magnets (24mm/4mm)
  • 2 Jar Covers (92mm/15mm and 85mm/9mm)
  • 3 Small bottle covers can be used in place of the second jar cover.
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Tubular Divider (Straw)
  • Protractor
  • Scissors

Step 1: Creating Screw Zones

Take your largest jar cover (this can be a metal jar cover as well) and divide it into zones. For this size cover (90mm wide), 3 zones are ideal. The larger the cover the more zones you can fit. Using the protractor to evenly divide the zones, each should be 120 degrees. Once all 3 points are marked, mark the center of your cover than measure the distance from the center to each 120-degree point and cut your divider to length. Your divider can be anything really that separates your zones such as straws, string, a strip of wood, etc.

Step 2: Creating Magnet Zones

Now we'll need to mark out the magnetic zones. This is where we will be placing our magnets to align with the zones we marked out in the previous step. Use your protractor or ruler to line up on each 120-degree point and mark the center point between each 120-degree marking, this will be the center point of each magnet. Repeat this process until you have a magnet center mark between each 120-degree marking. Once you have all 3 center points marked out for your magnet, place one magnet over the center point, holding it in place, place a second magnet on the back of the cover. The magnets will be attracted to each other holding them in place. Use the marker to mark out the position of each magnet. Repeat this process for all the magnet center points until they are all marked out.

Step 3: Securing Magnets and Deviders

Now we need to secure our magnets and dividers to the cover. Any form of adhesive will work for this, glue, hot glue, double-sided tape, etc. We have already marked out the sections where our parts will be going so its just a matter of gluing them in place. Apply a line of glue from the center point to the 120-degree points then press the divider down in the glue and hold it in place until it dries enough to stay in place. Repeat this process for all the dividers needed. On the inner side of the cap, place the glue down in a circular pattern and stick the magnet to it, holding it in place until it dries enough to hold the magnet on its own. Repeat this process until all the magnets are secured to the inner part of the cover.

At this stage, you can use smaller drinking bottle covers to place over the inner magnets if you don't have a second jar cover.

Step 4: Joining the Two Halfs

We will now be adding the backside of the All Axis Non-Slip Screw & Tool Holder, attaching the magnet in the center of the cover in the same manner as the previous step. We then put the 2 caps together, fitting the smaller one inside the larger one. Once the 2 parts are securely put together, add a bit of glue to the corners to ensure they do not pull apart in the future.

Step 5: Making Your Next Project a Breeze

You can label the different sections on the face of your All Axis Non-Slip Screw & Tool Holder to make keeping track of your screws, bolts, and nuts easier. Now you're all done, use your new All Axis Non-Slip Screw & Tool Holder in your next project to organize and keep track of your screws, easily find lost nuts and keep your bolts together when working in any tight places. With both sides able to stick to metal surfaces vertically, horizontally or upside down it allows you to keep the parts you need most, close at all times.

I hope you found this project helpful, have fun creating your next project.

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