Introduction: All Leather "Fig" Baby Moccasins

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Have you ever tried to put shoes onto babies feet?  It almost seems like they have no bones in their feet and they always curl their toes in.  

Solution:  Super soft suede baby moccasins!  

You can slide those baby feet in these like butter!  The flap also opens wide to allow you to almost seat their feet into the sole with out trying to slip their boneless, curled toed feet through a tiny opening.

Suede- thick suede is good for this project
Contact cement
Thread- heavy duty nylon
Sewing machine (you could sew this by hand..but..I didn't and probably wouldn't)

Step 1: Make a Pattern

Take a shoe that fits your babies feet or is little larger and lay it onto a piece of paper.  Starting with the front of the shoe find a starting place that is about between the big toe and second in command.  As you roll the shoe around to it's heel mark out the outline of it top and bottom.  Add about a 1/4" for seam allowance around the bottom.  Add a flap to your pattern.

Do the same with the sole.

Step 2: Cut Out Suede

Using your patterns mark on the back side of the suede (flesh side) two of each piece making sure to do mirror images.

 Then cut them out with some super sharp scissors.

Step 3: Add Some Color

Cut a strip of a complimentary color about 3/8" wide and glue it on.

Step 4: Velcro It

Cut two pairs of velcro and round the corners.  Glue them on where the flap will come over the top of the toes.  If you're not sure where that will be just wrap the suede around your original shoe and that will give you an idea.  But remember it will be smaller than that when finished.

Step 5: Decorative Edge

Sew around the outside upper edge to give it some style.  Also sew the back tab and the velcro.  Only sew the inside piece of velcro.  The outside piece that is under the flap will be sewed on with the fig leaf.

Step 6: Add Some Figginess

On the back side of your complimentary sued color draw your design with a ball point pen.  Cut it out.
Reverse it onto another piece of suede and cut out it's pair.

Step 7: Glue and Sew on the Leafs

Glue on your design onto your shoes making sure they are symmetrical. 

Sew it.

Step 8: Glue It Up

Mark where the big toe and the next will sit on one of the soles of your moccasins.  Transfer this mark to the other sole

The shoe will be sewn inside out so it needs to be glued like that. 

Paint a 1/8" strip of contact cement around the outside of the sole on the good, right side (grain side) and do the same on the bottom edge of your upper.  Let it dry for a minute then starting with the flap and your mark on the sole, work your way around sticking the two pieces together.  

Step 9: Sew It Together

Just sew around the outside with about a 1/4" sewing allowance.  Make sure to always back-stitch.  Once done, trim off excess to make the inside more comfortable.  

Almost done!  

Just flip it right side out and  there you have it!

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