Introduction: All Metal Mega 3D Printer With All Acme Rods (Prusa I3 Base)

Work in Progress

Inspired by aldricnegrierMega Prusa i3 and stormychel so please do go read all there is to read from there before you start to build your 3DPrinter.

Many parts will have to be hand made and drilled A good skill level is required to build and do the electrical.

I will be UPDATING these pages as I get time,

Step 1: Parts I Used for My 3D Printer Project

You may find better alternative parts, so feel free to use what ever you feel is better.

4 12 mm chrome rods 1000 mm cut to 955 mm (used on Y axis)

4 12 mm chrome rods 600 mm 2 cut to 554 mm (used on x axis) 2 left at 600 mm (used on z axis)

2 3/8-8, 4 start FAST 36" Acme threaded rod (used on X and Y axis) cut to 800 mm Y axis cut to 475 mm X axis

2 304004 Delrin AB-nut 3/8-8, 4 st acme .5"/rev CNC router leadscrew anti backlash (used for the 3/8-8, 4 start rod)

2 304008-3 3/8-12 x 36 inch(3 foot) Acme threaded rod (used for Z axis)

2 304006 Delrin AB-nut 3/8-12 acme .083"/rev CNC router leadscrew anti backlash (used for the 3/8-12, acme rod)

1 SHF16 16mm Linear Rod Rail Shaft Support ( used for mounting hot end )


1 24-380V 40A SSR-40 DA Solid State Relay PID Temperature Controller ( for the Heated bed)

1 400mm X 400mm 120V 200W with 3M Backing 1PC Universal Silicone Heater

4 Nema 23 Stepper motor Sanyo Denki 142 ozin

1 NEMA 17 Stepper motors Sanyo Denki (For Bowden Extruder)

1 3Dprinter Makerbot MK8 1.75mm Filament all-Metal Aluminum Alloy Bowden Extruder

1 RAMPS1.4 LCD12864 intelligent Smart Controller LCD 12864

5 42mm NEMA17 Stepper Motor Alloy Steel Mounting Bracket

14 12mm SC12UU SCS12UU Linear Motion Ball Bearing

16 SHF8 SHF10 SHF12 SHF16 SHF20 Linear Rail Shaft Support

1 3D Printer Controller Shield Board for RAMPS 1.4 Reprap

1 ATmega2560-16AU CH340G MEGA 2560 R3 Board

1 3D Printer E3D V6 J-head Hotend 1.75mm Bowden Extruder

1 .125 1/8" AL Aluminum Sheet Plate 5052 18" x 18" ( to stick heat be too )

1 Aluminum T-slot extruded profile 20x20-6 Table or Box frame size 1040x640x600mm

2 Aluminum T-slot profile 90 deg corner bracket 20x20-6mm + screw + T-nut, 8-set

1 TEMCo 1/4 Inch 18"x18" 6061 Aluminum Tooling Flat Sheet Plate Bar Mill Stock (used to make Y bed frame)

3 2" x 2" Aluminum Angle x 1/8" Wall - 24" Long LOWES ( for ends of Y axis Frame) (for x axis plates (left and right)

1 3" x 1/8 thick flat bar ( for hot head mount)

4 6.35mm x 9.5mm Flex Coupler 1/4" to 3/8" Shaft Coupling

2 AC110-220V TO DC 5V 12V 24V Switch Power Supply (used for Nema 23 Drivers)

1 AC110-220V TO DC 5V 12V 24V Switch Power Supply (used for powering RAMPS controller and accessories)

Theses or the stepper motor controllers I am currently running

4 Single Axis TB6600 0.2-5A Two Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver Controller

But I also found and bought theses (after I had already ordered the above drivers)and have ready to upgrade to when I get time to mount and wire up, they had better reviews and also 1/32 stepping So you may want to invest in theses as they or only a few dollars more.

DM542A 2/4 phase Stepper motor driver 128micsteps 4.2A microcontroller (M542H)

4 Endstop Mechanical Limit Switch W/ LED and wire 3D Printers RepRap End Stop

More parts list to come

Step 2: Some Pictures

More to come......

Electrical wiring

Marlin Software

Laser burn Add On..

Rotary cutter Add On..