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Introduction: All-in-One Home Cinema Coffee Table

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All-In-One Home Cinema with projector, speakers, TV box and acoustic panels for soundproofing ! All this can be bulky, so we decided that we could integrate it all in a coffee table with wheels so you can project in any wall and move it around the house. It's the perfect solution for house renters that don’t want to expend a lot of money installing a costly system. Also, when summer comes, you can just move it to the garden or terrace to enjoy a ready to use solution in just seconds !


  • A wooden or metal box of your choice, we will require a length of 27 inches (0.70 m) x 16 inches (ca. 40 cm) as the minimum size.
  • A projector. Today you can find many options in the market, traditional ones or LED one, to even picoprojectors. For a good experience, be sure of selecting at least a 1080p native resolution.
  • A set of speakers. Our choice was the Creative Gigaworks T20 a set of two speakers with incorporated subwoofer and twitter. If you prefer to have a separate subwoofer, be sure of choosing a bigger box. Also, keep in mind that the whole box will act as a resonance camera, so the subwoofer effect it’s there as long as your speakers are inside the box.
  • Acoustic panels. This is basic to ensure that our coffee table is not noisy.A power strip with at least 3 sockets, we advise 4.
  • A TV box of your choice. For us, an Apple TV will do the trick, but any android TV set or even the Amazon Fire stick could work, as long as they have a remote control.
  • Four wheels with built in brakes.
  • Two hinges.

Step 1: Painting

We start painting from the inside.

Step 2: Making Room for the Projector

Be sure to make a cutout for the projector.

Step 3: Soundproofing

Install the acoustic panels for soundproofing and mark where the speakers will be.

Step 4: On Wheels !

Turn it around to install the wheels before installing the electronics !

Step 5: Speakers

Be sure the speakers are tight.

Step 6: Power Surge

We recommend you install one with at least 4 sockets.

Step 7: Fans

Laptop fans are the best option, as they have the incline option to orient the projector.

Step 8: Extra Fans

Add extra fans if you are using a classic projector. New generation Picoprojectors may skip this!

Step 9: Installing the Top

Choose any kid of wood counter top that matches your decoration at home!

Step 10: All Connected

Connect the TV set, speakers and fans to the projector.

Step 11: Final Result

Here are some pictures of the final result!

For more pictures and more detail on how to build and where to get all the materials :

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    2 years ago

    Wow !
    Great idea ! I have a projector and set of speakers in a cardboard box and an old storage ottoman setting in the back room. I could use all of that stuff to build this..... brilliant solution !


    2 years ago

    This turned out really nice!

    Is the setup that you have (with fans) enough to keep it cool after running it for a good couple hours (the length of a movie) or do you find it get warm after a little bit of use?

    I love the design and the compact "keep it all together" look of it, just the heat concerns me.


    Reply 2 years ago


    So far we had the projector running for more than 6 hours in a row without any noticeable heating. I was, like you, concerned about it in the beginning. The extra fan on the side really made the trick to keep temperatures down. Only thing I would advise it's to check from which side the heat comes out in your projector, to install the extra fan on that side of the table.

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    Brilliant! I love the "move the film outside if it's a warm night" option, and a great job on the cooling too. Thank you for sharing :-)

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    That is a great idea! I love how nice it came out :)