Introduction: All-in-one Bread Maker

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This is a straight forward recipe for Multi Seeded bread, but its made in a silicon Bread Maker (a christmas present) that allows you to weigh, mix, knead, prove and bake the bread all in the container.

I wanted to put together a recipe to show just how great this method is, I hope you like it!

Step 1: Video Recipe

First you can check out the full video recipe here, or carry on reading for the step by step guide!

Step 2: Ingredients Required:


500g Strong Plain flour
8g Sea Salt (finely ground)
1 Table Spoon of Caster Sugar
14g of Fast action Yeast
350ml of luke warm water
100g Seed Mix

Step 3: Making a Starter and Mixing the Ingredients

Tip the Yeast and sugar into the bowl, now add 50ml of the Water, stir and leave for 20mins.

We're going to create a starter for the bread, the yeast will begin to eat the sugar and ferment, once it has expanded to approximately twice its size we can continue.

Mix in the flour and seeds and stir to combine, once it's all mixed well together get your hands into the dough and knead for a good 10mins.

Step 4: Proving the Dough

With the dough back in the container, cover and allow to prove for up to an hour (leave in a warm area so the yeast will continue to grow and expand).

Once you have acheived this, knead the dough again and place in an ovenproof cooking container to bake...

Step 5: Baking the Bread

Set your oven to 200C/390F (fan assisted, set to 210C/410F for non-fan ovens).

Place your dough on a low shelf and cook for 35mins continuously. You can check after 30mins to see how well the bread has baked and to make sure the crust is not too dark/ overcooked.

Step 6: Rest and Serve

With the bread cooked, take the loaf out of the cooking container and place on a wire mesh to allow to cool.

Once cooled, but still a little warm, slice the loaf with a bread knife and cover liberally in salted butter.


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