Introduction: All the Process to Make Clay Sculpture - TEDDY BEAR SCULPTURE

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Modeling in clay is very exiting and you can make it very quickly but it's better to prepare yourself and to put your mind on the paper for organizing ideas.

After thinking about your project, a good thing to do is to make a sketch of your project and after that trying to make it up on clay.

Step 1: Before Starting …

A drawing is a good thing to do before starting modeling clay. As you can see, you can definite proportions of your sculpture and thinking about what you want to do.

You don't have to try to make a finish drawing but sketches are a good way to start !

Step 2: Project in Mind … Prepare Your Hands

When you know what you really want to do, you can prepare clay and tools for modeling.

Step 3: Time to Touch the Clay

There is different kind of technique you can use.

Modeling the sculpture and extract the clay inside the sculpture to make it hollow is one way.

Step 4: Prepare the Sculpture for Firing

You have your finish sculpture modeling. No time to let it dry !

You have to prepare it for firing : we have to cut the sculpture in 2 parts and extract the clay inside the sculpture.

After that, stick together each part using slip clay.

Don't forget to let a small hole somewhere to let the air go inside the sculpture.

Step 5: Teddy Is Fired !

After letting it dry, the sculpture can be fired in a ceramic kiln at the appropriate temperature (1010 °C for this example).

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