Introduction: Almonds Milk

I've been searching for home made cow-milk substitute for ages until i encounter this easy to make almonds milk.
This is my improved recipe the original does not contain the Vanilla and Cinnamon nor the Saden though contain 3 palms instead.

Ingridients :

3/4 cup of unkoocked Almonds
1.5 spoon of sedan
Cinnamon Powder

A Blender
A clean towel
3 Clips
A Jar

Step 1: Blend

Add all the ingridients into the blender along with 4 cups of water.
Add the vanilla and the cinnamon acording to taste.

Turn the blender on for few minuts.

* The recipe says you should soak the almonds in water for 8 hours, i searched for the reson and found it should help the blender with the grinding.
I've tried without soaking since it freed me of the need of planing ahead and found no difference.

Step 2: Pouring

Place the towel above the jar leaving a depression for the almonds powder (after grinding) to collect and secure it with the clips.

Start pouring alowing the liquids time to drip.

Step 3: Squeeze

After pouring all the blended materia lift the towel cerfully, squeeze and twist the towel to extract the last of the liquids

Step 4: Drink

Drink to your enjoyment, add to the cofee, add to serials etc.
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